A clean start to a new year

My nesting instinct hasn’t really disappeared since having Wyatt.  That or maybe I just prefer organization when life is constantly changing these days? Either way, I’ve been on a mission to organize when I’m able to find the time (which usually means on weekends when Daddy is home to watch Wyatt between feedings).

During our babywearing spree last week, I decided to bake cookies. But, it was quite difficult to lean over and get my baking supplies out of the bottom corner cupboard where I’ve stored them since we moved into this house 5 years ago. I love baking, but haven’t done much of it in this house. I’ve always wanted to turn our kitchen closet into more of a pantry. I finally convinced my husband to help me with this on Sunday .

We replaced the previous shelving and hooks with a large metal storage rack that we purchased at Home Depot. I am a big Tupperware fan and had most of my baking goods in Modular Mates (particularly due to a mouse problem one winter, but that’s another story). Anyway, I’m super happy with the end result.



I’m not done organizing the kitchen. I will move things around since I’ve got so much more cupboard space now, but it definitely feels like an easier space to work with.

My goal is to move onto my home office next. It’s kinda been the random dumping room since we had the baby. I’d like to turn it back into the sacred space it was before I started working from home. I will use it as my sanctuary during my time off work – where I can escape for a few minutes to write and create.

I also have the urge to continuously purge and lessen the load of items within our home. Since Wyatt has already outgrown all his newborn and size 0-3 clothes, I packed away what we will keep and posted a few different lots for sale on our local classifieds. I’ve also ditched a few pregnancy or Mommy items – like the Hooter hider. 😉 In retrospect, it’s been really quite interesting to see how many baby items they market to new parents and what you actually need. We would definitely do things differently if we are blessed to have a second child.

I am working through a program right now about healing after birth. I think my decluttering and organizing and purging of materialistic items also relates to all of the emotional baggage I’ve been releasing since we started this fertility journey. My spiritual midwife, who is an absolutely wonderful woman, has encouraged me to not feel guilty about releasing or letting go of items. Each and every item we bring into our life, much like people, holds energy. If I don’t feel like an item is serving it’s purpose or it doesn’t resonate with me any more, I have every  right to let it go.

Organization brings me joy. I love order, but having a new baby can be chaotic. Taking part in these small rituals helps me to maintain some control when life is so unpredictable right now. Each time I purge, I feel lighter. I can breath easier. My thoughts are clearer. If it feels right, it must be doing some good. I’m reclaiming my space as I work on reclaiming this new body, new identity and new life of mine.

It’s a fresh and clean start to a new year. 🙂






11 thoughts on “A clean start to a new year

  1. Love it! I like things organized for the most part, too. I need to go through some areas in our house and redo things (especially the office!), but I’ve been trying to get some other things done first. Good luck with the rest of your organizing!


  2. I could have written this exact post! I was a major pack rat pre baby. For some reason since the baby was born I’ve been obsessed with minimalizing and organizing. It’s constant now. I’m always thinking about what else I can throw away or what needs to be organized


    • Was wondering the same!!

      I totally get this post and the new pantry is so nice and organized.

      Right now Smoochies crib is the dumping ground for all the items I’m selling/purging and it feels great to let go. We live in a small house and I love the idea of paring back to the essentials. I feel like now that things have started to click into place and I’m no longer trying I can let go of material objects. Maybe before it was one more thing to loose, so I couldn’t part with much stuff, but now I feel open and unconflicted about letting go.


  3. Can I just say that I too got a little kick from your fabulous organising?? That pantry looks awesome – I love that your gadgets are at eye level – all mine are stuck under counters which makes it feel like such a big deal if I want to use them so I generally don’t. Massive high five for an excellent job! I’m currently in heaven packing up Arlo’s old clothes – they’re going in little labelled baggies and the sense of achievement when another big pile is sorted through is indescribable! I also like stuffing and arranging my cloth nappies. It distracts me from the misery that my tiny newborn baby is now a few days shy of 4 months :(. Keep on being amazing, lovely! XX


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