Intentions for 2016

Last year, I set my intentions for 2015 using Leonie Dawson’s Create Your Shining Year workbooks. I was introduced to Leonie’s books and her work through my fertility coach, Zahra.

I highly recommend these books if you are someone – like me! – who loves setting intentions, being creative, writing down your goals and reflecting back on them.

This year, I pre-ordered the set (both life and biz books) in the summer. I reviewed my 2015 intentions and progress, but I haven’t quite finished my 2016 intentions.

For 2015, I defined my word of the year as PEACE. Throughout my pregnancy, peace really was an apparent theme. I distanced myself from people who cause drama and spent a lot of time alone finding my inner peace. I also worked at finding peace in pregnancy after loss – which is not an easy feat! At the end of my pregnancy, I had to make peace with the lack of control I had over the timing of Wyatt’s arrival. We also had an overwhelming sense of peace once he finally joined us. ❤


My theme for 2016 is JOY. I want every day to be filled with joy. I want to experience so much happiness in this first year of my son’s life. I  want to only commit to activities, people, and items that bring joy into my world. This would be the reason I’ve registered for Mommy + Baby yoga; not bootcamp. 😀 (haha) 2016-01-11 14-02-45

I will complete the 2016 book, but I’m not putting a timeline on myself. That’s been another big lesson since having a baby: going with the flow sometimes means that timelines aren’t as important. My intentions will organically unfold as they are meant to. Besides, I’m not experiencing joy if I’m experiencing  unnecessary stress. 🙂

What’s your word of the year? 



8 thoughts on “Intentions for 2016

  1. Mine would probably be positivity, though this is the first I’ve really thought about it in this sense. My brain and mood are so easily influenced by those around me and their moods, I’m very sensitive to others and empathetic, so I tend to take on what they are feeling. Because of that, I felt a lot of negativity and drama last year. I have some very toxic people in my life, and I’ve decided that I’m tired of it. I went through the other day and unfollowed a bunch of friends who are constantly negative, because I’m just tired of seeing it all the time. I’ve tried to avoid certain conversations with certain people at work so they don’t drag me down. I need to stay as positive as possible right now, going through this cycle which will hopefully lead to a pregnancy, where I also want to stay positive. I can’t do that if I’m being dragged down by others. I’ve done a decent job of keeping my chin up and looking on the bright side so far…I know there is a long year ahead, but hopefully I can maintain it throughout!! (I even got a bunch of paint swatches the other day at Home Depot for the nursery…which I no longer refer to as “the future nursery”, but simply as the nursery! 🙂 )


    • Amy – it sounds like you are on the right track! I cut a lot of negative people out of my life as we moved into our FET last year. Sometimes distance is necessary to get you in the right place. You will get to paint that nursery! 🙂

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      • Yeah I just feel like it’s what I need to do right now. Plus I don’t like feeling down and angry all the time, and that’s all it gets me! I may end up cutting more out lol. And yes, I truly believe that one way or another, we will use that nursery! That’s why I continue to buy small things here and there when I see them on sale or clearance and they match my theme, much to B’s horror lol! 😀


  2. I’m going with a phrase this year. I need to remind myself of it much more often. It’s good ol, “this too shall pass”. Good and bad each moment in our life passes by quicker than we think. The whole point of starting a new blog was to constantly remind myself that everything is ok. I’m so stuck on the emotional roller coaster that I don’t step back to think abut how to best care for myself. I feel like it’s time for me to get back to me.


    • That’s a great phrase of the year. I will have to remind myself of that too. I love how you focus on both good and bad moments passing by so quickly. Often, I think we get too hung up on the length of the bad times, and forget to live in the moment when we are facing the good.


  3. I think joy is the perfect theme for you this year!! Love that you write out your goals and have a theme…maybe something I need to do too! 💕


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