Baby wearing for the win!

Wyatt has been a bit off this week. Not necessarily bad, just a bit cranky and clingy. He doesn’t want to be put down, left alone or play much. As crazy as it sounds, we think his teeth may be bothering him. He’s been putting his whole fist in his mouth and rubbing it on the bottom gum. He also started drooling. My Mom said I had 4 teeth by my 4th month. I guess there’s a possibility that he could be an early teether like his Momma.

On top of Wyatt’s moodiness, I’m feeling a bit stir crazy. After such a nice and late Fall, we are starting to get our typical Canadian winter weather (-20 with snow). I feel guilty taking the little man out if I don’t really have to. Plus, I’m avoiding the stores to pull back on my spending.

The many days at home with little social contact and a baby who hates to be put down leaves me anxious and over thinking. I found myself contemplating major life decisions with mixed feelings.

Do I really want to go back to work? Could I manage to freelance and quit my full time job? How long do I want to stay off? Would I feel fulfilled as a stay at home Mom? Could we even financially afford it? What if I can’t find suitable childcare? What if my job is way more stressful and requires additional travel due to my new position? Will I be able to be away from Wyatt? How could I travel if we are still breastfeeding then?

Since I plan on being off until at least the summer, these thoughts are clearly premature. I need to enjoy these moments with Wyatt instead of looking so far ahead. So, I took a deep breath  and figured out how to keep myself busy to quiet my mind.

The solution: baby wearing.

I’ve been wearing him in the Ergo to get my ass off the couch while still keeping him happy. I managed to bake 2 batches of cookies, do a load of laundry, wash dishes and tidy the kitchen with him in the Ergo. I also tried to feed him which resulted in 2 sucks before baby was fast asleep. I’d say that was a success.


Seriously, I do not know what I would do without a baby carrier. It’s the only thing keeping me sane. I’m feeling much more grounded, much less anxious, much more satisfied with my productivity.

I guess this week’s lesson continued to be how to slow down, but also how to do things differently to accommodate both my needs and the baby’s. Because you know, being couped up calls for homemade cookies!


15 thoughts on “Baby wearing for the win!

  1. My guy, who is the most chill baby in the world, I swear I am so luck, screams BLOODY MURDER in any wrap, carrier, what have you. I’ve tried a sling, a Baby K’tan, Ergo 360, a meitai…no mas. He absolutely hates being constrained. At my wits’ end here with baby wearing!


      • Yeah, he loves the swing (we have a Mamaroo), he loves his bouncers, especially the Baby Bjorn bouncer which is my favourite. Just does not want to be worn in any way, shape or form. He loves to be held and carried around, but not in anything other than human arms.


  2. I LOVE BABYWEARING too! Dumplin’s issue though is that he needs movement, so he starts to get fussy again if I’m standing still. He’s also drooling lots and chewing his fist. He has two prenatal teeth (teeth before his primary teeth- rare occurrence) that are visible (canines). I really hope he’s not teething for real though… Thinking of my boobs!


      • Yeah, they say that teething patterns resemble those of the parents, so it’s quite possible he is starting to teeth. I didn’t teeth until a bit later, and I polled Dumplin’s donor sibling moms and their babies all teethed around 6-9 months. But you’re right, it can take a while for those little things to break through, so the pain can definitely start now. Are you planning to use the amber necklaces?


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