Hey time! Can you slow down please?

It’s ironic that while trying to conceive you wish and hope and pray for each cycle to progress. You anticipate getting to the end of that 2ww and testing for your BFP. When you are finally pregnant,  you anxiously await your baby’s arrival 9 months later. Pregnancy can drag on and on especially that last month. Then,  your baby arrives and before you know it they are talking their baby talk, smiling, giggling, rolling around and…

Wearing size 6 month clothes!!!!

Say what!?!?!

Yes, Wyatt has outgrown size 3. He is now wearing size 3-6 or 6 depending on the brand. He’s only (just about) 10 weeks old.

I spent an hour this evening reorganizing his dresser and closet. I have an entire Rubbermaid bin of clothes that are practically brand new –  washed but never worn – and now packed away with the hopes of using them for another child. We got good use out of the sleepers, but that’s it. I have half of another Rubbermaid bin that I’ve decided to sell or donate.

Luckily, we have a good selection of the next size up due to hand me downs and gifts. I’m so glad I asked people to buy us bigger sizes.

Wyatt had his 2 month immunizations last week. At that appointment he was 23.5 inches long and 13.5 lbs (the doctors office measured his length wrong the week before as the nurse just kind of eye balled it). Clearly my baby boy is thriving. He’s in the 85th percentile for both weight and height.

I wish that time would slow down a bit. Wyatt seems so advanced already. It’s amazing to watch him grow and learn, but shocking how quickly it happens.

I typically like to watch for sales and bargain shop when I can. At the rate this kid is growing, I’ve got no clue what he size he will be in for upcoming seasons.

As for clothes, I find fluffy bums harder to dress. We have been cloth diapering even when we go out these days. I ordered a pair of jeans designed specifically for cloth, so I’ll let you know how they fit once they arrive. I also just bought a pair of Maxaloones to see how that style works.

As for future clothing purchases, what brands do you find fit bigger? What pants are particularly good for fluffy cloth diaper bums?

27 thoughts on “Hey time! Can you slow down please?

  1. Lol good job mama! Cloth diaper bums are huge. I don’t know if any particular brands for boy clothes but for girls I had jogging pants that were best for this time of year. They’re usually baggier without having a waist that was too big or legs too long.


  2. We have the same problem. Elliott is a very big boy. He sounds very similar to Wyatt, size wise. At four months Elliott was 18lbs and ~26 inches. I have very cute denim jeans that absolutely won’t fit because of his thighs, they are 9m. I have found stretchy jeans the best. He has a pair of hand me down gap jeans like that. He is mostly in cotton joggers or leggings because he is growing too fast for anything that resembles real pants.


  3. The clothing struggle is real! If it makes you feel any better it’s no easier on the other end of the spectrum… Amora gets blowouts down her legs because her legs are too skinny to fill the diaper holes, and diapers slide off her booty no matter how strapped on we make them lol. All her newborn clothes are swimming on her! I guess on the bright side she will get some use out of them, assuming the poopies don’t destroy them first!


  4. Dumplin’s a big boy too. He is now in 9 month clothes at 11 weeks, which is crazy to me. I usually keep him in footed sleepers unless it’s a special occasion (lazy mama), which is good for cloth diaper bums because they’re usually big in that area. I have also heard good things about Maxaloones! Grow with Me style pants would be good too because they have a separate panel for the bum area, which is very stretchy. Sending love your way! Glad everything is going well.


  5. I cloth diaper as well and I have a chunky monkey as well. I find that GapBaby is the best overall. Not the jeans but the jogging pants and onesies and jackets. They make them wider in the hips. They also have great sales and Gap cash. Basically, if you don’t know, is when you spend 25 they give you 25 off of your next purchase of 50. Also, if you get a credit catd, you start to earn money to spend at Gap stores. So, I use it for all of my daily needs and pay it off at the end of the month. I use the bonus money for clothes. I have tons of Gap stuff and I’ve never used my own money. I also dont know if this applies in Canada.There also onesies extenders that you can buy on Etsy. Basically, felt swatches with snaps that attach to the snaps on the clothing. I use them infrequently. You could easily make them. Hope this helps.


  6. Clothing a fluffy behind is such a pain. It seems to have gotten easier now that she’s wearing bigger sizes (9 mo at this point), but I will admit to occasionally putting her in a disposable just so a particular outfit will fit.


  7. OMG I can’t believe he’s already in 6 month clothing….that’s nuts, not to mention (like you said) makes it harder to plan for. I just love seeing the photos on FB & IG…he’s such a cutie, and I love watching Mike with him too, seems like he’s really smitten.


      • LMAO about my vagina…yes, that’s very important too. I often wonder how big she is..the apps say she’s nearly 5 lbs now. It’s also so weird to me not knowing when exactly she’ll be here. I’m such a type A that it’s hard for me not being able to control every little piece of it…but that might be the universe’s way of teaching me that none of it is in my control anymore…was it ever?!?


  8. I find H&M to be for long and lean babies. Henry is the same age as Wyatt but he is 98th percentile length and 67th weight so long and lean. We don’t cloth diaper but it’s also a challenge finding clothes because he has been in 6 month clothing for a while now due to length but most pieces are too wide for him. I now only keep him in sleepers at night time because I wanted to get some wear out of the clothes we have and we do go out pretty much most days. I also find it easier to layer in cold weather with onesies/pants/etc. Generally I find the Gap and H&M to run long and lean. OshKosh seems to make VERY wide clothes, totally different sizing than Carters even though it’s the same store so maybe check that out?


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