The one baby item we didn’t buy

I was convinced that this was an unnecessary overpriced baby item. I had many people offer to sell me theirs second hand,  but I refused.

‘Oh no,  I’ve got another one. A traditional back and forth swing. My baby doesn’t need a Mamaroo.”

Turns out, I was wrong.

This Momma needs a Mamaroo.

He’s boycotted the other swing and had spent maybe a total of 5 mins in it.

We had supper at a friends on New Year’s Day. She got her husband to pull their Mamaroo out of the storage closet for Wyatt to use while we ate.


We are currently borrowing our friend’s model. Wyatt has been happily giggling at the monster ball mobile and kicking his legs for almost half an hour now.


My baby loves the Mamaroo.


15 thoughts on “The one baby item we didn’t buy

  1. Better to regret the things you didn’t purchase than the things you’re stuck with! Charlotte didn’t take to her swing until she was about 3 mos and then she LOVED IT. Now she hates it again.


  2. Ha! I was convinced I did need this, but definitely bought second hand because there are so many nearly brand new because “baby didn’t like it”. Baby girl didn’t tolerate it when she was younger but now she’ll hang out in it for a good amount of time. But I sort of think it’s because she’s old enough to tolerate not being held or entertained 24/7. Glad Wyatt likes it, and you found something that works.


  3. Isn’t funny how sometimes we can ONLY learn things after experiencing them? No matter how much we research, how much we watch other people do it! I’d have loved to have had 2 of those, but they probably costed like 3000 bucks back in Brazil… so, as a result, I can barely move my arms right now due to the ginormous tendinitis infection on my shoulders from swinging twins for about 2 years. NOT fun! Enjoy the mamaroo!!!


  4. Too funny. I had that same thought and thankfully baby A loved his conventional swing from the consignment store but I can relate to having a babe who didn’t. MT took quite a while to warm to his and outgrew it emotionally long before he did physically. Glad you could borrow one before making the investment. They don’t work for all babies – I’ve known several who hated the mamaroo.


  5. Amora is currently only willing to sleep in 3 places… 1.) someone’s arms 2.) the vibrating bassinet on the pack and play, which was my “we so don’t need that” thing until we got home and thank god for my MIL who ran out to buy it and 3.) the mamaroo. That $200 Halo bassinet daddy insisted on? Great big NOPE.


  6. Henry loves his Mamaroo. My SIL is upset at herself that she didn’t get one for her son after he tried Henry’s. We just love it. I got it brand new in box from Kijiji for less than half the price. One of the best buys! That and the Baby Bjorn bouncer are two things I would not ever live without. We also like the HALO Bassinest, he sleeps in it half the time as I don’t want to bed share 100% of the time.


  7. I never really tried J in the Mamaroo except in the NICU where he screamed even worse when we put him in it. I decided it was a big NO at that point and never got one. He does love his conventional swing which he is now growing out of…OH NO!!! So glad Wyatt loves it!


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