My initiation into breastfeeding without a cover

I did it! I breastfed Wyatt around my husband’s family without a cover.

We started out on Christmas Eve with the cover on. Wyatt was HANGRY and viciously swiped at the cover to move it off his face. I got frustrated that he was frustrated, so I took it off…

No one gasped. No one looked shocked. 

A few people got up a left the room, but that may have just been coincidence. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who encouraged me to try the double shirt approach.

I also draped a receiving blanket over my boob a bit to give more coverage without covering Wyatt himself.


I continued to use this method on Christmas Day and Boxing Day at each family gathering. Yesterday, I even found my brother-in-law was comfortable enough to have a conversation with me while I fed Wyatt. Next time I see him, I hope to personally thank him for being “normal” with me.

In the end, my anxiety around how people would react was worse than their actual reaction. Lesson learned: just go for it next time. 





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