Typical Mom life

This morning, I attempted to have a bath after my husband left for work. Here’s how it unfolded:

Wyatt is awake, but he just ate.

I turn on the water. Put Wyatt in his bouncy chair. Get into tub.

2 mins later…

Wyatt starts crying.

I gently talk to him, “Come on baby. It’s ok“.

Wyatt’s cries turn to shrills.

Translation: Diaper change.

I get out of the tub and briskly dry my body. Unbelt Wyatt from his chair and take him to his room for a change.

I was right. Diaper is wet. Proceed to change diaper. Baby is happy.

Return to bathroom. Belt Wyatt back into his bouncy chair. Get back in tub.

Check cell phone. Notice that I have a message that someone is on their way to pick up an item I’m selling. Oh shit. Reply that I’ll leave it in the mailbox.

Get out of tub. Briskly dry body again. Wrap myself in towel. Run downstairs. Place item in mailbox. Run back upstairs. Get back in tub.

Water is now cold.

Turn tap on. Run hot water.

Wyatt starts crying… AGAIN

I grab my cell phone. Flip to YouTube. Search for “Frosty the Snowman”. Hit Play.

I sing and bounce up and down. I hold my cell phone up, so baby can see the YouTube video.

Frosty is a bust. Baby is still crying.

Switch to Rudolph. Sing, Bounce, Smile. Sing, Bounce, Smile.

Man, this bath is anything but relaxing… 

Wyatt keeps crying.

Game over. Pull tub drain. Get out of tub. Dry off body.

Look down…

Baby is asleep.

Are you frickin’ kidding me? 

Welcome to Mom life. 🙂







13 thoughts on “Typical Mom life

  1. Well done for trying 😂 I’ve still not attempted a bath when hubs is away! Quick shower is enough of a challenge! Cos as sure as eggs are eggs if one yowls I’ve got two yowling by the time I’m dry (and decent) enough to dash through the house!


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