The origin of Wyatt’s name

Choosing a name for your child can be quite the process. Here’s the background on how we came up with our son’s name.


Wyatt had been on our list of Top Boy Names for a few years now (because you know – when you are trying to conceive for multiple years, you’ve got lots of time to ponder what to name your future children). Once we got pregnant, I started second guessing our choice. Wyatt has climbed the list in popularity over the past year – especially since Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis named their daughter Wyatt. We also had a few acquaintances use it over the past year. We had agreed that we weren’t close enough to the acquaintances for it to make a difference, but I still was unsure of our choice.

One day while meditating, I got the message that our son needed to be named “Warrior”. I went to my office and found one of our baby name books. I flipped to the back to find Wyatt and sure enough the meaning was “Little Warrior”. In that instant, I knew it was perfect.

Wyatt is our warrior baby. Out of our 3 embryos, he’s the only one who survived. I will always admire his strength and persistence to become a part of our lives. ❤


Originally, Lyndon/Lynden was one of Mike’s picks for a first name. Trevor Linden is Mike’s favourite hockey player. He loved the significance of naming his son after his favourite player. I was not convinced as I felt it was too close to Lindsey and not personal enough for me. We didn’t cross it off the list though.

When we went to Victoria for our fresh IVF cycle, we didn’t realize until we got there that the apartment we rented was on Linden Ave. The second I realized the connection, I promised Mike that we could keep it on the list.

Once we were set on Wyatt, Linden made perfect sense as a middle name.


My husband actually has two middle names and John is one of them. I wasn’t sold on the idea of using two middle names. I had a long name growing up and hoped to give my child a shorter one. Still after we had selected Wyatt Linden, it just didn’t seem complete.

It wasn’t until my numerology session with Melanie that I was open to adding another name into the mix. Melanie suggested John to make a stronger connection between Wyatt and his Dad.

John also has deep roots in both sides of our family: Mike’s grandfather, my Uncle/Godfather and my Great-Grandpa were all named John.

Immediately, I knew this was it. This was the final name; our son’s identity. 

Wyatt Linden John 

So for those who were wondering what was on the nursery wall, it obviously was Wyatt. 🙂



24 thoughts on “The origin of Wyatt’s name

  1. I love the meaning behind the name…and find the name perfect! Love seeing that wall unblurred in your nursery…it is so nice, I especially love all of the color!!


  2. All great names, and all great reasons for choosing them! I have middle names picked out already for our kids, they are combinations of our parents names. I just hope that we get a chance to use them!


  3. Naming is very hard! I must have gone through my book with 100,000 names at least 4 times now, plus countless other websites for names specific to various backgrounds. The perfect name is very difficult! We found it particularly hard this time because we LOVE our first daughter’s name and it became quite the challenge to find another girls name we liked just as much and that would fit well with the first daughter’s name. Ouff! Glad we have it nailed down already. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  4. This is great!

    I like names with meaning as well. Especially with what those like us have been through to get their babies.

    One day we will tell our sons the story of how they came to be and their meaningful name will be a cornerstone of their identity and self worth.


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