1 week postpartum

It’s hard to believe our little man is 1 week old today. Time really flies by when you have a baby. Days and nights blur together. Most days it feels like we aren’t even ready for the day until almost noon.

Wyatt is such a calm and happy baby. The only time he cries is if he’s hungry, dirty, or gassy. Either way, it’s always an easy fix. We are very lucky.


Wyatt – 1 week old


We’ve been exclusively breastfeeding. I pumped once, but I’m going to try to avoid it for as long as I can.

Wyatt is a milk monster. That’s the nickname that his Dad gave him. He loves to eat! I met with the lactation consultant when we were in the hospital and she commented that she rarely sees a newborn who eats as well as he does. He gained 5 ounces in 48 hours which the public health nurse said was over double what would be expected. Like I said: he’s a milk monster.

Getting a good latch has been a bit challenging, but we are learning and getting more comfortable with breastfeeding each day. My boobs are slightly sore and chapped, but it’s tolerable. When my milk came in, the flow was overwhelming for the little guy. He seems to be adjusting to it now. Since I have gigantic boobs, the football hold worked best for us to start. Since then, we’ve moved onto the cradle, cross-cradle and laying down.



This is what I found after my morning bath. Snuggle buddies.

We had planned on having Wyatt join us in our bedroom in the Halo Bassinest. It only took 1 night before his Dad put him in bed with us. We usually start with him in the bassinet and move him to the bed with us if he fusses in the middle of the night. We’ve been very lucky to have a few good nights where he’s gone 2-3.5 hours between feedings.

During the day, he does great with napping. We either let him sleep on us or in another bassinet in the living room.

As for me, I had my placenta encapsulated which helps with energy levels. I am only taking 1 dose/day which gives me a decent amount of energy. I get tired after supper time, but I don’t actually nap at all yet during the day. I’m sure that will change once Mike goes back to work and I’m up more on my own with the baby during the night.


I felt overwhelmed the first few days after we left the hospital. I was sleep deprived and adjusting to motherhood. We ended up having a few too many extended visits including a few unannounced visitors (how do people think this is appropriate?). That meant sitting up for long periods of time which made my lady bits very sore. 4 days after he was born, I asked my husband to kibosh the family visits for a few days. I just wanted to spend time relaxing and healing with my son and my husband. So far, people have respected our wishes. We haven’t seen many friends yet. Everyone keeps stressing the importance of putting myself and the baby first. That’s my focus. I know everyone will get to meet Wyatt when the time is right.

Mike goes back to work on Monday. I’m nervous about being on my own mainly due to how sore I am. I may reach out to some friends/family for more help next week… or I may just lay in bed all day and snuggle with my babe. 🙂 

My Mom is flying out on November 12. I’m really looking forward to having her here.


Following Wyatt’s delivery, my ankles/legs/perineum/bum were seriously swollen. I had 2 acupuncture sessions this week which significantly reduced my swelling. When I say significantly, I mean it was like a miracle. Within 12 hours, you could see the bones in my feet again! After I did what everyone tells you not to do, I’ve been following a regular routine of epsom salt baths, perineum spray, padsicles, and lots of laying down. The reduction in swelling has helped, but my stitches are still sore. Each day, it gets a bit better.

Pregnancy was good to me. I gained a total of 22 lbs. I’ve lost all of it, plus some. At 1 week postpartum, I’m currently 5 lbs less than what I weighed going into our FET cycle last January.


I guess it did look like I was carrying a 9lb baby.

Wyatt also had a blocked tear duct which freaked me out. The one lesson I have for all the Momma’s out there is to trust your intuition. Doctor Google said it was simply a blocked tear duct, but I let it freak me out. After confirming with the nurse, the solution was breastmilk. Problem solved.

Family life

We’ve neglected our animals this week. We did let them sleep with us the first few nights, but I was too sore and got frustrated with them. For now, we are keeping our sleeping arrangements separate and will work on spending time together during the day. So far, Max the chihuahua loves the baby, Bella the chihuahua likes the baby but wants more attention, and Oliver the cat could care less; although, he does meow when the baby cries. Last night, Max was a bit too hyper and jumped on the baby. We have some work to do on boundaries. I may have less patience with them until my bottom is healed. It’s hard to take care of myself when I’m so sore, let alone a newborn and 3 animals.


Meeting the puppies for the first time


Oliver the cat is not sure about this arrangement.

Overall, it’s been going well. Mike is an amazing daddy and it’s so obvious how much he loves our son.


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We had a little skeleton today.



22 thoughts on “1 week postpartum

  1. OMG you look absolutely amazing!! WTG mama!! I’m glad you’re starting to feel a bit better, and that the acupuncture has helped so much. I hope you continue to heal steadily! It’s good to hear that things are going pretty well. Good luck getting adjusted when your hubby goes back to work. Hopefully it goes fairly smoothly for you! Congrats again on your handsome little man!


  2. I’m delighted to hear breastfeeding is going so well. And for ailments from now on, you will find that the solution is always breastmilk. Lol.

    He’s so very cute!

    You will do wonderful when Mike returns to work. It is scary but you’ll find hour routine and what works best and you’ll do great!


  3. He’s so adorable love! I was going to let you know that in the beginning when my milk was too much I would pump anytime the babies were not feeding to relieve my enforcement and not drown my babes, it was very helpful. I have an overactive letdown so my babies gag when I put them on at first and the only thing that helps is laying down to slow the flow or leaning back….like way back. I use Motherlove nipple balm and it is a godsend on sore/dry nipples and it doesn’t affect babies latch. Getting a good latch is hard work, no one tells you how much work it takes for you and them to learn to breastfeed “right”. We are still getting it down, has a really poor latch but a string suck so somehow she is still eating enough but the latch thing is really frustrating. It takes time and a lot of patience. Take naps! Seriously just do it even for an hour when he sleeps and have mike nap too it will feel glorious! Glad you got your placenta encapsulated we did that to and I’m just now busting into the last batch cause I feel I need them again. They help with mood changes and hormone changes a lot as well as breastmilk production. Glad your doing well though and I’m glad you able to make time to blog. Xoxox


  4. What an amazing update!! So happy to hear how things are going. I’m so impressed you’re already back -5 lbs from pre pregnancy weight, that’s unreal! Lol about the pets, poor things….sounds like it’ll just take some time. Love all of the pics, he’s adorable!!


      • Lol, yea maybe so!! I really feel like recently I’ve started to pack on the pounds, we’ll see on Friday at my appointment…I don’t weigh myself at home lol. Yea, you might be right….hope you’re starting to feel some relief from some of your pregnancy ailments.


    • No my in laws are NOT indoor pet people. We do have a chihuahua sanctuary in our basement – basically a storage room that includes a space for all their beds, toys, food etc. If I can’t handle it, I can leave them in their room til Mike gets home. Or gradually let them out for longer periods until we are all adjusted. It’s not like they will be kenneled. They have room to run around

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  5. He’s so cute, I cannot look at that first picture long enough! =)
    I’m so happy you’re both ok!
    When my girls were about 3 weeks old they slept through an entire day (like 4 or 5 hours)… which is pretty unusual for a baby that age, so, I freaked and woke them up to feed them! Later, the doctor told me I didn’t have to do that because their sugar levels were stable at that age and I should just have let them sleep!
    Just thought I’d mention that in case it happens to you (ask your doctor though, since my memory is kind of a blur)! I absolutely wish someone had told me that before! hahaha
    Take care, sweetie!


  6. Our dogs love the baby too, but have been a pain in the butt since I’ve been home by myself. I think I underestimated how high maintenance they are. When my mom was here, it was nice because she gave them lots of love and took them on long walks daily. I’m glad your mom is coming soonish to help. It’ll make a huge difference. I wish mine was still here! Amazing how all the weight (and more) came off! I lost 30lbs after the birth, but still have 13 above my prepregnancy weight. Wyatt is adorable!


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