Overdue and over it

Today I’m 40 weeks, 4 days.

Still no baby…

I did lose my mucous plug over the weekend, but that doesn’t mean much.

I’ve been lucky to have minimal swelling during this pregnancy – even throughout the summer. Yesterday morning, I was on my feet doing some baking and cleaning in the kitchen. In the afternoon, we went for a walk at the lake. The result of both activities = I’ve officially got cankles. The swelling is starting to go down after elevating them and drinking a ton of water. I also convinced my husband to rub them and stimulate some of the acupressure induction points. This morning they looked decent, but by this evening they were swollen again.

Baby is moving well. Whenever he’s awake, I joke that he’s beating up my insides. I get a ton of cervical pressure as he moves around. A few nights ago, Bella our chihuahua was curled up against my belly and he kept kicking her. She didn’t move at all, so baby gave up. I found this quite amusing.

Tonight, I discovered my first hemorrhoid! WTF! I thought I would be able to escape without experiencing ANOTHER lovely pregnancy side effect. On that note, any suggestions for remedies? Surprisingly, it doesn’t hurt at all yet. I read that it should go away after delivery, but what else can I do?

Other than that, it’s starting to get really annoying when people ask, “No baby yet?”. I can handle, “Hey we’re thinking of you!” or “How are you feeling?” or “Hope your little guy comes soon!”. But, “No baby yet?” is the stupidest question. If he was here, we would announce it. :/

I saw my chiropractor and my acupuncturist today. I also ate an entire pineapple (core included) hoping that might help. My plan is to just take it one day at a time until my next OB appointment on Thursday. I don’t have any other practitioner appointments scheduled. If I haven’t gone into labour by the end of the week, I’ll try to get into chiro/acupuncture on Saturday.

Here’s my latest bump pic – all low and lumpy bumpy. 🙂


Here’s a comparison from last week to this week. Note: I was wearing my Bella Band last week which tends to smooth things out and give my belly more support. You will notice a significant drop in the belly though. I’m not sure how much further this little guy can get before he’s actually making his way out my vagina.


Please continue sending birthing vibes my way. I’m aiming to naturally go into labour before the end of the week.

Please universe! Let’s make this happen! I trust in the timing and believe everything will unveil the way it’s meant to. 


47 thoughts on “Overdue and over it

  1. Being overdue is the pits. I hope for you that your next post will be a both announcement!
    With regards to the dreaded hemorrhoids…witchazel wipes are amazing and soothing. Also, Earth mama angel baby bottom spray is worth every penny! Don’t count on them going away right after birth, I got one as a result of pushing and it took a few weeks for it to finally resolve. Just don’t get to worried if they stick around for a little bit. If you have a donut pillow that’s nice to sit on for a while after birth 😀


    • I will definitely pick up the bottom spray. I have some witch hazel at home too, so maybe I can make my own wipes. I have never had one before so this is new territory for me, but based on the amount of pressure I have down there it doesn’t surprise me.


  2. I’ve been checking Facey and here constantly hoping that you’d be popping up with the cutest little button for us all to meet and before your pic loaded I may have squealed a little to see a blog update!
    So … Yeah … I’m thinking about you lots !!!! Belly rubs for you and your boy!!!

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  3. I absolutely despised all the dumb question people through at me or the really repetitive ones like, “how are you feeling?” I know people are trying to make conversation but please – stop. Hemorrhoid come with the territory but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Just get excited knowing that baby will be here any day now and your life will forever be much more awe inspiring.

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  4. The night before last I just had the strongest feeling that you had him! I kept checking here for an update. Maybe it was some kind of intuition and he’ll be on his way very soon. You’re such a trooper! Sending you labor vibes!

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  5. Definitely dropped more since the last pic! Fingers crossed that you progress into labour soon. Losing the mucous plug is a good sign though – since I have to have a c-section to avoid the increased risk of uterine rupture, I was told to get checked out once the plug is out so there should be at least *some* correlation there.


  6. You look so cute!!! I was so hoping the Jay’s win last night would excite him enough to make him come join the world during the night. But, now I’m hoping your husband will have to miss the next game due to his arrival. I’m hoping you get the natural labour you are hoping for! 🙂


  7. Bless your bones!!! Eat some eggplant too! My hemorrhoid went away and it never bothered me so I never had to try and remedies thank goodness! Good luck sweet mama!!


  8. Sending LOTS and LOTS of birth vibes your way. Dear Universe: please make it happen soon and when it does happen, make it an easy birth!

    Seeing as how we’re buddies in constipation I can share my preferred method for hemorrhoids. I haven’t gotten any in a while and mine weren’t pregnancy induced so maybe that’s a whole different world of butt pain but I used cosmetics pads soaked in witch hazel with a couple of drops of lavender oil. The first two seconds sting like a mofo and then…… sweet relief. This keeps them clean, shrinks them and mine eventually go away with 1-5 days. I find using the insert-able stuff like prep H hurts them and makes them more raw so that if I do need to use prep H, I’ll use my ‘booty soothers’ first for a day or so and then prep H is more effective.


  9. My friend lost her mucus plug and had the bub within a matter of days so hopefully… My response to people that say “no baby yet?” is to respond with “yes I had him, this is a watermelon I just nicked!!” – maybe that’s just me and my English sarcasm coming through though! Oh I’m hoping it happens for you soon, I found the last few weeks so uncomfortable and my cat used to sit on my tummy and get massages too!!! Lol. Thinking of you x


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