Labour signs and our Perinatal Loss Awareness Walk

Oh pregnancy insomnia! Once again, it’s 3 am and I’m wide awake. I decided to just get up instead of fighting it. I typically will go back to sleep in an hour or two.

Not much to report on baby’s pending arrival. Thursday after my sweep, I had some brown spotting and very light cramps. I went to acupuncture on Friday morning. My acupuncturist agreed to start working on the induction points past 38 weeks, but said she would ease slowly into it. It must have done something because I had brown spotting, increased vaginal discharge (thick mucous – almost like ovulation time) and a consistent on and off again pressure in my cervix all Friday night. I was convinced I would wake up Saturday morning and be in labour. I even finished packing my hospital bag before I went to sleep. The pressure was decent enough that it even woke me up. Come Saturday morning, everything was back to normal. No signs of oncoming labour.


Yesterday, we attended our local Silent Hearts Perinatal Loss Awareness walk. It was a crap day – cold, rainy and windy, but we toughed it out. I made it through the 2.5km walk. Surprisingly, my pelvic pain has lessened but my SI joint was acting up during the walk (and still is… ugh). I had quite a bit of SI joint pain during the walk and some braxton hicks. Afterwards, I had increased vaginal discharge (almost thick and yellowish), but it stopped fairly quick. No other labour signs or symptoms. I was really hoping the long walk would encourage him to vacate the premises. I’m thinking baby boy is comfortable in there.

Overall, it was quite the family event. Many people were gathered with their children, parents, grandparents and friends. I was surprised at how many people I recognized even. I may have been the largest pregnant woman there, but I wasn’t the only pregnant woman which helped ease my worry about feeling awkward at 38.5 weeks pregnant at a pregnancy loss awareness walk. I didn’t get emotional until I wrote our daughter’s name on our prayer flag. They were just beautiful. In the end, we skipped the closing ceremonies. We had a family supper to attend and I needed to sit down. It was a nice celebration and I would consider going again especially if the weather is nicer next year.


My husband has been very considerate this past week. I contemplated not going to the walk due to the weather, but he insisted that at least one of us attend because “she deserves it“. He even offered to go for us, but I knew it was something we had to do together. It meant a lot to me that he not only referred to her as she, but that he also saw the significance and importance behind the event.

My MIL texted my husband asking what we were up to yesterday. When he mentioned that we were going to the loss awareness walk, she just didn’t respond. I DON’T GET IT. Those are the times you should say something comforting, perhaps even offer to join us? Oh well. I’ve just accepted that they will never truly acknowledge our daughter. I do think my husband is having a hard time with it though. We had a conversation last night about how their actions aren’t a reflection of the person he is.

I’m so proud of who he is and our little family.

Now if someone would decide he’s ready to join us, life would be perfect. 🙂 



17 thoughts on “Labour signs and our Perinatal Loss Awareness Walk

  1. You guys are so darn cute! I’m glad you were able to make the walk, and you made it through it. Sorry it didn’t bring the little guy out though! Maybe continuing to walk (if you can) and the acupuncture will help out more. Come on little one!!!


  2. Mike is such a sweetheart! Sorry the labor signs went away Saturday, but it’s good you were able to go to the walk, sounds like such a special day! Hopefully something will work soon and bang boy will make his grand entrance! Can’t wait!! So excited for you.


  3. What’s the rush with trying to bring on labor? IMHO babies come when they’re ready and it’s best not to rush them (unless I missed something and you’re OB wants you to deliver early?) When I was overdue my doula had my rub clary sage oil on some pressure points to help encourage labor (didn’t know this was a thing). I also dod acupuncture but it didn’t work like they said it would (after due date this treatment should make you deliver within 72 hours! Nope.) Stay strong mama. Don’t waste your energy trying to kick start labor, cuz you’ll need it for the actual labor. XOXO


    • Yup I know. I’m much more relaxed about it now. Besides my acupuncture, I haven’t done anything else. Just taking it one day at a time and enjoying some relaxation (because I sure ain’t getting good sleeps!) My husband and I both tend to be more anxious when we are waiting for something. I think it was more from some of my practitioners saying they thought I would go early. We all know there’s no concrete proof that you can go off of as to when baby will arrive. Going overdue does worry me a bit due to the increased risk of stillborn, but I do believe deep down that our little man will be coming home safe and sound…whenever he decides to arrive.

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    • I think some of it was also guilt about going off work early. If the baby arrived soon after it would have felt justified. In the end, self care is most important. I don’t regret going off early as my body and mind feel much better now!

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  4. You two have such beautiful blue eyes! Good for you for still going to the awareness walk and walking the whole distance while almost 39 weeks pregnant! I’m so happy that you had a chance to honour Emme and that your hubby is steadfast in his support for the cause and for Emme too. I hope the walk and some more gentle coaxing help baby B decide to grace us with his presence!


  5. Great job doing the walk! I agree with the poster who said not to rush it. Babies at 39+ weeks actually have big advantages (I looked into this in great detail b/c my c-section is one day short of that). I wish I COULD go to 40-41 weeks, but unfortunately no go. My OB wouldn’t even do a sweep before 39 weeks for her “regular” patients. He will come when he is ready! Though Tuesday is my bday so if he decided to come then I’d be happy to share it with your little guy. 🙂


  6. I have been thinking of you and going into labor a lot since last night. Hope that means my intuition is on high alert! Hope baby boy joins us soon. I messaged you on Facebook PS cause my texting doesn’t work at my house 😦


  7. Congrats on making it through the walk.. I understand how important it was for u to honor emme… At risk of repeating .. don’t worry about baby B he will come at the perfect time 🙂


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