Baby Shower #1

This afternoon, my Splurge group hosted a small baby shower for me. My Splurge is a group of 12 women who get together once a month. I’ve been a part of my group for 7 years now.

It meant so much to me when my friend offered to host it. Her and her husband have struggled with infertility and pregnancy loss. They have chosen a child-free (yet child-full as Justine would say) life.

I normally don’t feel comfortable at large showers. I would much rather be the gift giver than the gift recipient or the party planner versus the centre of attention. But, this afternoon was nice – a perfect size with great company.

I am also very happy that many people checked out the gift registry to see what I needed. One gal bought me bath towels, face cloths and eco-friendly baby toiletries. Many people bought me clothes including size 6+ as I had asked for. I also got a KidCo Go Pod and a Baby Einstein Jumper & Activity Mat which were two of the bigger items on my list.



The shower was a “Harvest theme”. My friends did an awesome job of decorating and laid out quite the spread to eat. Their effort really makes a gal feel loved. ❤






16 thoughts on “Baby Shower #1

  1. Cute shower! Also, the kidco go pod is *da bomb*–we just took it on vacay with us cuz it’s so easy to travel with, plus I use it all over the house, most recently I put BG in it when we go outside to toss the ball with our dog. Good stuff! XOXO


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