I appreciate you, IVF

Such a beautiful post. I am so grateful for IVF.

F*%k infertility

I remember the excitement my husband and I had about trying to conceive. We would try – maybe a few months – and begin a new journey in our lives. Then 6 months went by and I began tracking and testing for ovulation. Then nine months and I realized I had a short luteal phase. So I tried natural remedies like B12 and other old wives tale tricks to get pregnant. And then 9 months and clomid. Then a year.

Doubt, fear, anger, resentment filled me as I sat in the Reproductive Endocrinologist’s office. Me. ME! I was…infertile? Surely I’d just need some stronger clomid and some monitoring and I’d resolve my short luteal phase and have a baby. IUI’s were NOT for me, no no no. And IVF? Scoff! We totally won’t need IVF. I thought of IVF like a dirty word. Shhh, don’t say it! IVF was someone…

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