Maternity photo shoot

This past Sunday, we were fortunate enough to have my good friend’s sister take maternity photos for us. The location was an old farm yard that my husband’s family owns. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.


11057723_956474424432425_8619785264144190475_o 12032786_956474154432452_6239147612051413464_o 11958288_956474044432463_8534831595319696713_o 12032740_956473767765824_5829875840718240201_o 12027181_956473617765839_2426237359945541091_o 12022528_956473357765865_7426979686339643698_o 11243919_956477154432152_8765012315896969415_o 11953385_956476827765518_5314050687964163194_o 12031547_956475474432320_964236471274096423_o 11012614_956471817766019_8271506230594136494_o

If you are ever looking for a photographer in Saskatchewan, check out Jamie Britton Photography.

Thanks Jamie for capturing such a special time for us. ❤


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