The importance of self care

Earlier this week, I was a mess. My anxiety (and probably my hormones) was flying. I was having difficulty turning it off and grounding myself. I was over tired. I was sore. I was worried. I was confused. It wasn’t a good situation for me or for baby.

I tried talking to my husband about my feelings. I tried hypnobirthing and meditation practices. I had a bath every day for 5 days. I saw outside on my deck in the sun. It just didn’t seem to help.

So, yesterday I called in sick.

I slept in. I had a morning bath. I caught up on the phone with my best friend. I went to a pre-scheduled hair appointment (because we all know hair days make every woman feel better). And I decided to attend an Energy Circle with my friend that evening.

The purpose of the evening was to set intentions to remind ourselves of the beauty and harmony that lies within us and to tap into our inner voices. It was perfect timing for manifesting as the New Moon is approaching this weekend.

I’ve attend many soul or energy healing circles in the past, but this one was extra special as it was at a retreat center outside of the city. The valley view with the changing leaves was stunning. I felt like I needed the wide open space to clear my mind and my body.

We started the evening with an intention, a smudging session and a walk outside. Then, we returned inside for some journaling, group sharing and meditation. One of my favourite things about these sessions is that everyone else’s journey is a reflection of something that you also need to work on. I gained so many insights about myself and my path in life.

At the end of the night, I felt energized, grounded and clear on what’s important to me right now – exactly the intention I had set at the beginning of the night.

Sometimes it’s beyond obvious when your mind and body need a break to recharge and reset. I’m so glad I took the time that I needed to get there.

As for my status meeting with my boss today, it went very well. I set the intention last night to be honest about the current status of my projects, where I needed clarity to move forward, my pregnancy aches and pains, and my desire for maternity leave. She was very supportive. Another lesson learned: Sometimes the things we let both us, aren’t worth it at all. Intention can make a BIG difference.  

That’s my reminder for you today: take some time this weekend for yourself. Set an intention for the next month for what you want to bring into your life and how you want to feel. You are #1. Don’t ever forget it. ❤


11 thoughts on “The importance of self care

  1. I hear so much of what you shared – I’m currently taking my own version of a sick day. I’ve been out of sorts all week. I cannot place what’s going on with me, but something’s just not right. So, today is not about work, it’s about me, even though halfway through the day I am still not feeling any better.


  2. I’m not feeling it today either. I really just wanted to throw up my hands at work today and say I quit. I’ve felt near tears all day…I’m not sure what’s going on with me. I wish I could take a sick day, but I can’t, though I know I need some time to get myself back in order. I’m glad you’re feeling better, and that things went well talking to your boss!


  3. Thanks for the good reminder. As a social worker we stress the importance of self-care a lot. But I need it as a new mom on mat leave as well. It’s so easy to neglect taking good care of self.


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