Baby Buys – Part 9: Creepin’ on the little one

Back in my 2nd edition of Baby Buys, I mentioned that I had decided to go with the Philips Avent – SCD570/10 Dect Baby Monitor. I purchased it from West Coast Kids (WCK) at the beginning of June. After numerous phone calls and emails (many of which we not responded to), I finally decided to cancel the order. WCK originally told me it would be on back order for 6-8 weeks, but it had been over 12 with no idea of when it may be available. Lesson learned: I need to listen to the many warnings that WCK has horrible customer service. 

Instead, I went with the Motorola 2.8″ Wireless Audio/Video Baby Monitor with Pan/Tile (MBP41) in White. I found it on sale at Best Buy for $128.99, regular price $258.99.

The Baby Bargains book gave Motorola video monitors a B rating. My brother and sister-in-law actually have this model and really like it. I actually saved $4 between the first model I tried to purchase and this one, so I figured the price was right to try it out.

I wasn’t convinced that I NEEDED a video monitor, but a good friend kept nagging me about how convenient they are to use. It kinda creeps me out to think about constantly watching our child though. I’ll let you know how it works out for us once we actually start using it.


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10 thoughts on “Baby Buys – Part 9: Creepin’ on the little one

  1. Thank you so much for this post! The sale price is totally worth buying and we really want one while we are in the USA and having a chaperon with us in the hotel – if we have the baby they can check in and they have the baby we can check in, it just seems like a good idea! (Apparently we will likely share a hotel room with an adjoining door or a two bedroom condo). And if we don’t end up using it in the US, it will still come in handy at home too. 🙂


  2. I originally didn’t want a video monitor, but now I wish I had one. If you have a loud sleeper like I do, sometimes it’s hard to tell whether she actually needs me or she’s just making fussy noises in her sleep. One of my wife’s coworkers swears by her Motorola monitor!


  3. We picked one up as well – I’m also not sold on needing it, and truth be told don’t think we’ll use it much until he’s older and sleeping in the crib. But similarly to you there was a sale and we had a gift cert so things just worked themselves out.


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  5. We have a Motorola monitor as well very similar to yours. I’d advise you to see if it connects to wifi tone used or not. The reason I bring it up is cause there have been a lot of creepy baby monitor hackers being busted for hacking the monitors and yelling at looking at babies. It’s so scary. We opted for a non wifi to avoid that. We love ours!!


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