Pleasantly NOT what I expected

Yesterday, I was complaining to a friend about my pelvic pain. She laughed and said I reminded her of the girl off the movie What to Expect When You Are Expecting. I told her I had never watched it. She suggested I watch it and thought I would enjoy it.

Believe it or not, I convinced my husband to watch it with me tonight. I’ve had it on My List on Netflix probably since we’ve had Netflix. I always avoided watching it as I expected it would just be another fertile-based unrealistic representation of pregnancy and motherhood.

I was pleasantly surprised.

The movie features the lives of 5 inter-connected couples:

  1. A one-night stand pregnancy that ends in a miscarriage
  2. One couple who tried to conceive for 2 years before getting pregnant
  3. Another couple who are adopting (after failed IVF due to poor egg quality)
  4. A celebrity power couple who are unexpectedly expecting
  5. A very unrealistic twin pregnancy

The storyline touched upon so many topics within the realm of trying to conceive – the pressure of years of trying, feeling like a failure due to infertility, the fear of becoming a parent, and the grief following a loss. Although it was a light view into each subject area, I thought it was a decent effort to light-heartedly depict the reality of fertility  – it’s NOT easy for everyone.

My husband and I laughed at many parts especially the “Daddy group” who met for daily walks to rant about fatherhood while pushing their strollers.

We giggled at the irony as I had to keep pausing it to get up to pee much like the one character who experienced many negative pregnancy symptoms. 🙂

I cried during the difficult birth of the couple who had tried for 2+ years and when the adoptive couple first met their child. Although these characters were fictional, their stories touched me. I could relate.

The movie ended in typical Hollywood-esque fashion with everyone getting a happy ending (which we all know isn’t reality either), but overall, I would recommend it as a easy chick flick to watch. I do feel like my stance may be different if I wasn’t 34 weeks pregnant. If I had watched it a year ago, I probably would have been angry that they didn’t dig deeper into the issues of infertility and pregnancy loss. But, the movie did bring them up which is a start.


14 thoughts on “Pleasantly NOT what I expected

  1. I’ve seen that movie twice. Once while we were TTC and it was a big mistake. It left me feeling so low that all of them had their happy endings. Then I watched it again when I was about as pregnant as you and I actually enjoyed it. It’s crazy how our circumstances affect our inner film critics!


    • Totally. I think I also would have been depressed to watch it while we were trying to conceive – especially since the IVF couple didn’t have success and went into adopt. On second thought, that probably wasn’t a great representation. Everyone always assumes that’s the next step for people

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    • I thought of you during the adoption parts. I think it would be easier to watch when you know more about your adoption timeline. It did focus a lot on pregnancy though, but I enjoyed how it poked fun at the unrealistic representations of it.


  2. I would watch this when we were TTC and I was feeling blue. I cried at those part too and whenever J’Lo says she can’t do the one thing a woman is supposed to be able to do. I always lose all control when they meet their adopted son (I still would love to adopt a sibling for our boy).


  3. I watched it between IVF cycles and sobbed the hardest during the adoption placement. I watched it again while pregnant (ok truth…a few times) and still cried the most during the adoption portion. I like it 😊 Glad you were able to enjoy.


  4. I actually didn’t find it upset me even though I was actively TTC. I avoided it for so long and then finally gave in, and I was pleasantly surprised – I enjoyed it. I wasn’t hurt or insulted by any of it, and it made me laugh when I needed to laugh the most.


  5. I love that movie! I actually even liked it when going through IF treatments. But I looove it even more pregnant. Every week I curse the stepmother lol. My hubby wants a daddy group like they have too lol.


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