Baby Buys – Part 8: Diaper pail

Two weeks ago, I asked where to put the stink? We were looking for recommendations for a quality, smell-free diaper pail.

We ended up going with the Ubbi in Light Grey.


The Ubbi is made of powder coated steel with rubber seals. Compared to other diaper pails, it has a sliding lid with a child lock instead of a foot pedal. It also has a nice slim profile that fits our small nursery well. The Ubbi holds an average of 35 diapers and is available in 13 colours! Red is missing from the photo below. 


Although the Ubbi is the highest priced diaper pail on the market, it requires no special bags or liners which reduces it’s overall lifetime cost. Plus, it’s both cloth or disposable diaper friendly.

In Canada, the Ubbi sells for $99 full price. I had a coupon for $40 off an order of $100 or more on I got our Ubbi for $69.99 taxes in with free shipping.

Honestly, buying a diaper pail wasn’t high on my list of to-do items. The reason I purchased it was due to the recommendation from ExpectingtobeExpecting that it can also be used for pet waste. Our chihuahuas are pee pad trained for when we aren’t home and during the bitter Winters. During my nesting frenzy, I was cleaning out their area and noticed the garage bin we put their pee pads in smelled NASTY!!! Essentially, the plastic had totally taken on the pee/poo smell. This can was over 5 years old and more than due to be replaced. We went to Walmart, Marshalls and Bed, Bath and Beyond trying to find a reasonably priced stainless steel garbage bin with no plastic interior. We couldn’t find anything plastic-free that was less than $150.

When I found the coupon, I convinced my husband that we needed to get the Ubbi to try out for the dogs. Anyway, a few days after ordering it, I found a brand new Ikea Knodd stainless steel bin with a lid on a local online classifieds site for $10.


I picked it up for the dogs and decided to keep the Ubbi for the baby!

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15 thoughts on “Baby Buys – Part 8: Diaper pail

  1. Really nice! I actually was going to put the Ubbi on our registry, mostly because I liked the aesthetics of it, but then we got a Diaper Genie from a friend along with a crapton of extra bags for it so I figured we’ll try it out. The Ubbi is much prettier though.


  2. The Ubbi and the ikea bin both look stylish. Clem used to use a pee-pad for her first winter. We have an almost full package of pee pads, and FYI you can use them for you and baby too! We are planning to place one under our fitted sheet closer to the due date in case I have any leaks, and also under Dumplin’s fitted sheet to try to keep the waterproof mattress cover clean (after many washes, I heard they start to crack).


    • That’s genius! I’m doing the under the sheet thing right away for me! Fyi: just came from massage. She said essentially I was sitting on my front pelvic bones. She did some muscle adjustment but said to mention it to chiro tomorrow.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Do you suspect that you’ll go into labour early? I’m worried that I’m gonna sleep with a pee pad underneath me for two more months lol. The dogs are gonna be so confused!

        Glad you had the massage and that you’ve got an appt to see chiro tomorrow. I hope you get some relief! I do so little sitting at work (it’s mostly standing because I’m in a science classroom with tall benches), and my pelvic pain is from shearing the pubic symphysis joint (connects left and right sides of your pelvis)- mostly from walking and standing. After another full day at work today, I am not sure how long I’m gonna last if Dumplin’ insists on growing the typical 0.5lbs a week they project for babies this far along!


  3. 😍 love it 😍
    We got two of the Ubbi wet bags for inside and they weren’t wicked expensive but I find it helps with getting our diapers to laundry. You just turn the bag inside out and you never need to touch anything icky! The bags go in too hence why we have two so we’ve got one to use whilst the other is drying.
    I also love the ikea bin! Great find!


  4. We have this pail and I love it so far. It really doesn’t smell and holds the smell in very well. I like the slide lid as opposed to the flip kind that can waft smell into the room. Only complaint is its short so we put it on a box to make it higher to the changing table.


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  6. I’m excited about my Ubi too! We also went with the light grey. The deciding factor for me was the bags, being able to use regular trash bags will save so much time and money, and that was what did it for me too. That pail you picked up for the dogs waste is so cute, love that color!!


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