Pain in the… ?

WARNING: This is going to be a complaining/inquiring about pregnancy symptoms post. If you don’t want to read that, feel free to move on. 🙂

For the past week or so now, I’ve had horrible lower back pain at night. Doesn’t matter if I sleep on my left side, my right side or my back, it doesn’t go away.

The past two days, I’ve noticed pain in my front pelvic area when I get up from sitting or when I’m walking.

I also have an increased sense of heaviness in my pelvis that makes me wonder if my little man has started dropping?

Last night I had a bath and did a few exercises that my Physiotherapist recommended. NOTHING seemed to help. I was just as sore when I got in the bath as I was when I got out. The water was soothing, but didn’t take the aches away.

I’ve also been confused as to whether I have mild cramping or if that’s just the pelvic muscles being sore? Maybe it’s just that constant dull ache in my lower back reminds me of pre-period cramps?

Is this pelvic girdle pain? Does anyone have any experience or tips to alleviate the symptoms?

30 thoughts on “Pain in the… ?

  1. I had AWFUL pelvic pain and it got worse as I got bigger, I wish I could be encouraging. Mine was worse if I was too sedentary or too active. I had to find a happy medium, and I wasn’t good at it. Warm baths helped a little.


  2. The relief is temporary, but the doula who taught our birth class had birth partners stand behind us, wrap arms around, and gently hold the weight of the belly to relieve pressure. Also the cat-cow pose. I hope you find some relief. The end of pregnancy is so physically tough.


  3. I too did cat-cow quite often with temporary relief. If you have a wrap (moby or other) there’s some positions you can get your hubby to do with you to take some of the pressure/weight off as well. I can’t remember if you have a doula but if so, ask her what’s ok do to at 34 weeks. I also wore a belly brace thing because the twins we so low. I definitely felt when I didn’t wear it. And I went to the massage therapist once a week for the last 6 weeks I think. Even if it was just 24hrs with alleviated pains, I would have paid any amount at that point haha.
    The pain/pressure now (unfortunately) is just kinda here to stay 😊 Hopefully you’ll get some temporary relief soon.


    • Yes I do have a wrap – a Boba one. I’ll ask my doula for more info. I’ve got massage booked for Thursday and Chiro on Friday. Feels like a long wait though. I couldn’t imagine the weight of two babes! Twin Mommas are superheros.

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  4. If it persists I would get in to see your caregiver. I hope it’s just discomfort and that the tips others have given you help ease it some. Do you have access to a rebozo? The lifts others are mentioning work well with one. Plus that was my lifesaver for pushing with my doula’s help at the MT’s birth. I borrowed one from our doulas (the LP had a doula too because I knew he wouldn’t stay conscious or upright otherwise).


  5. first, I’m sorry about the back pain. that’s rough. I’m no help. second, when did the period like cramping begin?
    I worked up until 39 weeks…and went into labour at 39 wks! I was expecting to go over. Didn’t get my resting or nesting in. If there’s a next time I’m going off at 38 weeks like you 🙂
    oh and baby was in position for a while…maybe 8+ weeks before labour. but the dropping down low was a little over a week before labour.


  6. I can’t really offer any advice, but I have also been feeling major pelvic pain lately. It feels like the ligaments in my pelvis are having trouble accommodating the increasing weight of my belly. Mine is also worse with walking, so I think the only thing that will help is rest and doing things to give your pelvis a break. I think the massage and chiro will help, but as bubs gains 0.5lb per week, the stress on your pelvis and back is only gonna get worse :(. I’m waddling badly at the end of the day now.. It’s embarrassing.


  7. Yup! The pain ramped up for me about this point. I was sleeping with a wedge and my big body pillow and starfish and snoring and well … Nothing helped ever!

    I did take epsom salt baths and they helped when they helped. I called the maternity ward once to ask if I could take anything else and they told me to come in for monitoring so if you feel like being checked over “just to make sure” I’m sure your hospital is like ours. They didn’t do the FFN test but it’s an option if they think it’s necessary I suppose?


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