All the dates that matter

One year ago today, I was arriving at the fertility clinic to prepare for my egg retrieval.

Following the retrieval, my eggs met my husband’s sperm and the magical process of fertilization began.

Our babies were created.

I guarantee you if I asked any member of our families what happened one year ago today, none of them would know the answer. It’s dates like this that only we remember.

When you face infertility and pregnancy loss, you remember so many moments along the journey that were significant to you.

The first trip you made to the doctor…

The moment you received diagnostic test results…

The instant you found out your baby wouldn’t make it…

The date you realized you were pregnant again…

All of these moments were life changing.

All of these dates mattered.

Be proud of your special moments. Reflect on them with positivity and gratitude.

Allow yourself to feel sadness on the dates that broke your heart.

Celebrate your milestones.

You’ve faced so many challenges. You’ve grown as an individual and as a couple. If you and your partner are the only ones who remember these dates, then so be it. You don’t need anyone else to acknowledge your journey. You know in your heart how far you’ve come. ❤



5 thoughts on “All the dates that matter

  1. Through all of my fertility stuff I’ve been through over the past year, the ONLY date that I remember is the date we found out we were pregnant: October 6, 2014. That was the only truly happy moment through all of this, and that’s the only one I remember. I remember the months that other stuff happened, but not the specific date. I guess it’s easier for me to deal with things that way.


    • A few weeks ago when we realized we had hit the 1 year mark, we pulled out the calendar from last year to reflect on everything. I’m not sure we would have known the exact date if not. I don’t remember any of the dates we got our positive tests – probably because the ectopic was never a positive thing and there was still fear when we got pregnant with this little guy. For me, our loss date will always stand out and the day we transferred this baby.

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