The rocking chair has arrived!

I’ve been waiting to receive our rocker for 28 days… Doesn’t seem like long compared to everything else we’ve waited for, but the wait was hard when it’s a critical piece for finishing the nursery!

I ordered the Poplar Naptime Rocker in Grey Linen from a custom Canadian furniture company called Off Your Rocker.

I also ordered the Mum’s Helper which is a matching slipover sleeve with pockets to hold items while you are rocking. Our nursery is not a very large room. I thought this accessory would save me having to find a side table to go with the chair.

The owner/craftsman Frank has excellent customer service. He kept me in the loop throughout the building process to let me know where he was at. It took 3 days to ship from Ontario to Saskatchewan.

Assembly was super easy. The chair itself came in 4 pieces and the ottoman came in 3. All bolts and an Allan key were supplied. I will get my husband to tighten everything – just to be sure – once he gets home, but most people should be able to handle it themselves.


The chair and ottoman


Oliver checks it out


The Mum’s helper (should have ironed it before I snapped this pic)

Next steps for the nursery:

  • Finish making a few pieces of wall art
  • Hang wall art
  • Sew a pillow for the chair

Almost done! 🙂


31 thoughts on “The rocking chair has arrived!

  1. I love the new rocking chair! It’s beautiful. And I’m sure the side pockets will be very helpful too! I’m enjoying seeing your purchases! Can’t wait to see the whole room when it’s done 🙂


  2. Lovely! You must be getting so excited. Any reason you went with a rocker instead of a glider/rocker? (I ask just because I am curious; I went with a leather glider when we had the MT. It also took a long time to build and ship – from that craphole of no customer service, WCK – and now I’m so glad because it’s had a lot of half-digested milk on it from A. and chocolate almond milk and Popsicle drippings from MT!)


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