Where to put the stink?

Alright folks, I need your opinion. We are doing disposable diapers for the newborn phase and will transition into cloth as baby gets bigger.

Here’s the options I’m considering for dirty diaper disposal/storage:

  1. Wet bag only
    1. Pro: Economical – I already have two, Space-saving, Easy to clean,
    2. Con: Won’t work for disposables
  2. Diaper Dekor Plus
    1. Pro: Large capacity, Pedal for easy access with childproof lock, Reasonably priced
    2. Con: Plastic, Have to buy disposable refills
  3. Ubbi
    1. Pro: Steel holds less odor, Can use regular garbage bags (less refill cost), Childproof lock
    2. Most expensive

I thought I might just use a wet bag, but that doesn’t help during the newborn phase when we have disposables. We could just use a regular garbage pail during that period though.

What diaper pail do you recommend and why? What option is most versatile for cloth/disposable combo? Is a diaper pail worth the investment? 


37 thoughts on “Where to put the stink?

  1. We’ve got the Ubbi that we use for our cloth diapers and I love it! It’s pretty, the colours are awesome, the size works well for the space I have it in and did I say it’s pretty? 😂
    We also have a small pedal bin (cheapy from Walmart) which works for wipes and q-tips and disposables when I use them.
    I’d def’ invest in a pail for the smelly side of things if nothing else. Even if you spray your diapers they still wiff’ a wee bitty IMHO.


  2. We use a big “wet bag” it’s dry though. But we don’t use disposible. One thing about cloth is it needs airflow. So I’m not sure how that would work with cloth and the airtight bin? Maybe someone else has a better explanation


  3. I use a plastic garbage bin with a wet bag inside of it. It contains the smell and it’s easy to just pull the wet bag out when it comes time to wash. I also have a small pedal garbage can from IKEA for disposables (we don’t CD overnight.) inexpensive and reusable after baby grows up.


      • We have virtually no smell at all. I wouldn’t breathe deeply while opening the can to throw the diaper in, but otherwise you wouldn’t know that there’s diapers in the plastic pail. The pail itself smells a bit on the inside after the wet bag is taken to the laundry but I keep a little container of baking soda at the bottom under the wet bag and that does the trick.


  4. I’m just using a baby trend for all of it. I have a small wet bag for on the road and day care, then will use the baby trend with plastic bags for disposables and a cloth liner when we start the cloth diapers.


    • Yes, I’ve also wondered about having one up and one down! I will see where we end up spending most of our time this winter. We have a 4-level split. Main floor to upstairs isn’t bad, but it would be nice to have one on the 3rd level.

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  5. I started with disposables, switched to cloth for about six months, and then went back to disposables.

    I used the same can the whole time, just a stainless step-can. For the disposables I used scented garbage bags, the cloth I used a cloth liner from Planet Wise (I got some of their wet bags for on the go changes too).


  6. We have two disposal/containment systems, since we plan on doing a mix of disposable and cloth throughout. We got a diaper genie because they tie off stink really well, and since we only plan on using disposables for first week of newborn and then for convenience (going out, or if he has big soakers overnight), we probably won’t “fill” the bags quick enough, so we needed a solution that would really contain the stink. For the cloth diapers (and cloth wipes), we will be using a big wet bag, because cloth diapers need air circulation or else they get really nasty apparently. We do plan on washing the diapers/wipes every day to other day, so they probably won’t stink much over that time period. It also depends on what kind of space you have. We have the diaper genie on the floor by the change station, and then the wet bag hanging on the other side, so it really doesn’t take up much space.


  7. I’m probably in the minority, bur we didn’t use a diaper pail. I just threw them on whatever trashcan was closest. Now that Calvin is on solids, his poops are stinkier, but especially if you’re just using disposables for newborn, those dont stink, youd be totally safe just throwing them in a regular trash can that gets emptied on a regular basis..


  8. I went with the Ubbi, mainly because it uses regular trash bags. And even though I plan on using disposable diapers I think it would work great for cloth diapers too.


  9. Okay, so granted I don’t have a baby in diapers, but I do have a dog I have been diapering for 2.5 years. He is cloth diapered 😉😛😜

    We use the ubbi, with a wet bag inside, custom made by mil. I find that doubling up is good and allows us to transport peepee diapers to the laundry. In our case, there’s no poop, only pee.

    My thinking is that if you’re planning to use cloth diapers you’ll need an ubbi eventually anyway. You can probably use the wet bag for the first few weeks, but lining the ubbi with a wet bag has been great for us. We’re also experimenting with getting flannel wipes for cleaning his dingle dangle and in that case, we’d pop those in the ubbi as well.


  10. I have been using the Dekor Plus for four months now and really like it. To be honest, I picked it because the pretty green color matched his room and it converts to a trash can later.


      • It is really easy to change and holds the stink in pretty well, however we haven’t gotten to the really stinky stuff yet so I am wondering how well it will work for that. It doesn’t shut it out completely like how you twist the diaper genie bags. I used to use one of those for my cats, lol. It sure does looks nice though. 🙂


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