What’s in a name?

Last year when we were waiting for our FET cycle, my good friend Shannon introduced me to her friend Melanie, who is a Numerologist. I decided to get a session with her as she was visiting my city for a few days. I was feeling despair following our loss and needed a bit of hope going into our FET cycle. That being said, I am a firm believer in not always seeking answers from outside of yourself. When I have a reading, it’s more often to validate the knowingness I have already picked up on.

Numerology was a new field for me, but it’s become a fascinating one. During my first session with Melanie, she explained the principles behind numerology and asked me for my full name, my husband’s full name and our birth dates. After doing her calculations, she filled me in on some of our personality traits and life path lessons. She was also very adamant that our FET cycle would be a success for us. I didn’t write about it at the time. I also didn’t focus on it. I put it in the back of my mind.

It wasn’t until a few months ago when Shannon told me she had let Melanie know that we were pregnant that I remembered her prediction or should I say calculation. 🙂

Melanie insisted that I reach out to her for a baby name reading when we were ready to decide on his name. When naming a child, the philosophies of numerology state that a name can determine what karmic (or life) lessons and personality traits a child will be born into this world with.

I sent Melanie what our top name choice was and a few different spelling variations that we were considering. Over the lunch hour today, I had my call with her to see what came up. The most fascinating part was that my husband and I have both been going back and forth on the baby’s name lately. I kept feeling like it was missing something or not quite right. Melanie suggested that we add another middle name to the mix which is one that we originally had on our top name list. My husband has two middle names, so using this approach works for us.

Our final name choice actually gives him zero inherited karma – meaning he comes into this life with a clean slate. Melanie said it’s very rare to find a name like that.

She also filled me in on various personality traits that he is likely to have:

  • Old soul
  • Intuitive
  • Sensitive – could be to energy, feelings or even food intolerances (like his Mom)
  • Compassionate
  • Adaptable to change
  • Doesn’t like to make decisions (like his Dad! HA!)
  • Very smart (also like his Mom!)

We dug deeper into how each trait will affect him in his life and with his relationships with us, his parents. She also gave me some insight and advice for the next year for both my husband and I. Note: I’ve really only given very high-level details from my numerology readings. Each session is different, but you do get many more details and explanation. 

We still plan on keeping our little guy’s name a secret until he’s born, but I’m happy to say we’ve finally picked his name!

I plan on meeting up with Melanie after baby is born, so she can meet him and to do another reading that factors in his birth date (as this gives you much more insight).

If you are interested in getting reading for yourself or your baby, check out Melanie’s Facebook page: The Joy of Numerology. Melanie is based out of Edmonton, Alberta, but she also does sessions via phone or Skype.

Melanie has helped many other women dealing with infertility to find reassurance and even pick the best time for their next treatment cycle. I know this school of thought can be too out there for some people, but I encourage you to try it out if you are feeling drawn to it. Don’t forget to mention that you know me! I don’t get any benefit for referrals besides building connection between two people. ❤



11 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. I had a numerology reading done years ago and I still remember it! I find numerology fascinating and am very interested to get in touch with her about our baby’s name (I am struggling with names!) Congrats on settling on a name, its such a hard decision!


  2. Never heard of numerology, sounds very fascinating! That’s so cool she was able to help you with the names. I’m sure you’re excited to have that decision made, can’t wait to find out his name 🙂 🙂


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