Baby Buys: Part 6 – nursery bedding

Since we plan to add pops of colour to our nursery with our furniture and wall art, I wanted a more neutral bedding scheme. I contemplated mixing and matching bedding, but I found this Pottery Barn Organic Nursery Bedding in Rowan and fell in love! Except, I was not impressed with the price. I bookmarked the set, but knew it was beyond our budget. 😦 2015-07-15 22-38-29

I checked the site again a few days later and magically, the set is on clearance!

  • Quilt $51.74 (regular $208.66)
  • Bumper $40.42 (regular $160.13)
  • Crib Skirt $24.25 (regular $95.43)
  • Crib sheet $38.82 (full price)
  • Decorative sham $11.31 (regular $47.72)
  • TOTAL: *$166.54 versus $550.76

With taxes, duty and shipping (which I got anothe deal on – 1/2 off), I paid a total of: $208.22

*Note: as per usual, all prices listed are in Canadian dollars. 

As for extra sheets, we will most likely mixed and match since there’s so many colours that can go with this set.



Last week, the sheet, bumper and skirt arrived. The quilt and sham are coming in a separate shipment.

Wowzers! Trying to put a crib skirt on is a pain in the butt! Our crib had barely enough space between the mattress platform and the crib sides to wedge the skirt down into. I ended up using a kitchen flipper to push it down. I pulled and tucked and pulled until it fit and was aligned on each side. Now, our precious kitty thinks it’s a prime hiding spot. He loves laying underneath the crib and swatting at us as we walk by.

Hopefully, I can share some photos of the nursery soon! We just ordered a rocking chair. Once we have it, we will hang some wall art and call it finished! ❤

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35 thoughts on “Baby Buys: Part 6 – nursery bedding

  1. Love that bedding, and I’m super impressed with your deals! I love Pottery Barn Kids!! Can’t wait to see pics of the finished nursery!


  2. I absolutely love that bedding set! I’m not sure that Dumplin’s crib is gonna look as polished. I don’t think we’ll get bumpers or a crib skirt. Probably just random crib sheets lol. My MIL might have a problem with the unpolished look though and make us something. Nice work on waiting for those deals though! It’s such a nice set!


      • Lol. She makes things or buys for us like we have an unfinished home. I don’t mind so much, but her “Dutchness” makes her very regimented about what “proper” looks like, and our minimalism doesn’t seem to jive with that lol. One year, she bought us a new mailbox because ours was slightly rusted on one corner. I had to laugh at that because clearly it was bugging her a lot.


  3. We spent about 200$ on our crib set and only ended up ever using the sheet and the skirt. Glad we didn’t go for the pottery barn full price stuff that we loved! With baby #2 we’re definitely only buying random sheets.


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