Last chance to support a film about pregnancy loss and infertility!

The Kickstarter campaign for “Don’t talk about the baby” is in it’s final hours! They will receive a $5000 donation to achieve their campaign goal IF they can reach 25k in in the next 4 hours. They have LESS THAN 2K to go! 

If you haven’t yet donated and feel drawn to support this project, DONATE NOW

I am so passionate about this because it puts a name and a face to each story told. It encourages people to SHARE their stories and eliminate the stigma associated with pregnancy loss and infertility.

AND I’m kinda pissed that Ricki Lake’s Sweetening the Pill documentary raised over 100K. I fully support both causes – in fact, I donated to both. But, I’m a bit shocked that more people aren’t willing to bringing awareness to THIS cause. It may be a marketing issue – I mean Ricki Lake is Ricki Lake – but 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage or loss… and that shouldn’t be a secret.

Even if you can’t donate right now, please share their social pages to bring more awareness to this project.

Reminder: The project gets ZERO funds if they don’t reach their target. Every $1 counts. 🙂 

UPDATE: WHOHOO! THEY MADE IT! A big thanks to anyone who donated! Remember you can also participate by sharing your story! 


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