Baby Buys – Part 4: nursery furniture and storage

A few weeks ago, we made the 4.5 hour drive to our closest Ikea to pick up some items for the baby room. Here’s what we got:


Ikea Sundvik Crib in White
I originally thought I would go with an antique-style crib. After reviewing our budget, we decided to save and go with this Ikea model instead for $149.  Honestly, I have no regrets. It’s sturdy (we did the shake test) with simple, clean lines. Bonus: It also converts to a toddler bed.

Ikea Vyssa Vinka Mattress
I was torn on going with an Ikea Mattress after reading about a recent recall in January. BUT, they seem to have great reviews from anyone who has one. For the price of $69.99, we figured if we got home and didn’t like it, we could resell it for almost full price. That isn’t the case though. We decided to keep it.

This model is foam-based and I found it more comfortable compared to their more expensive spring-based modelYes, I actually put it on the floor and laid on it. It has one firmer side and one softer side to grow with baby’s needs.



Ikea Raskog Utility Cart
I owe credit to the Hopeful Worrywart for this one! I plan to use it to store diapers, wipes, baby lotions, etc. Once the room is arranged, I want to place it beside the dresser since our change pad takes up most of the dresser top. We got this for $69.99.


Ikea Kallax Shelving Unit
I wanted my husband to do built-ins for our closet, but he gets overwhelmed with big carpentry projects. Once again, I took inspiration from the Hopeful Worrywart. This shelving unit was the best $59.99 we’ve spent. We love how it looks and how much it holds. We purchased the Ikea Drona storage boxes for $6.99 X 6 to place in the shelving unit and on the closet shelves.



Ikea Alang Ceiling Lamp in White
I always forget to take “before” photos. This room was one of the last ones to have an original 1979 light fixture in it. We replaced it with this modern style. I always love how the simplest of changes make such a big difference!



In the end, our entire Ikea purchase (crib + mattress + utility cart + shelving unit + storage boxes + light fixture + misc. accessories – hamper, picture frames, etc.) came to less than what the cost of the antique crib I initially was interested in would have cost us.

Still to come:

  • Our DIY dresser project
  • Bedding
  • A chair? – if we have room
  • Curtains? – not sure if we will hang them since we have a black-out blind
  • Finishing touches & decorative details

Once the dresser is done, I will share more photos and show you where we are at!


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23 thoughts on “Baby Buys – Part 4: nursery furniture and storage

  1. You will love the IKEA Raskog cart! We got one and it has been a huge help! We don’t have to have a bunch of diaper changing stations all over the house, we just take this one with us. Now it’s in one spot but before when I was living in the living room and then on the weekends when hubby wasn’t working we would just roll it into the bedroom. Everything else you bought is so nice, can’t wait to see the finished nursery.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Everything is looking so great! We also decided to go with an ikea crib, although I didn’t try out the mattresses on the floor – I love that you did! I also plan to buy that exact same raskog cart too – I think it will be perfect for diapers and all the change table necessities. 🙂


  3. That crib looks great! We are looking at baby furniture tomorrow and if I don’t like what I see at the show room where we are going I think we’ll head to IKEA since it’s 5 mins from our house. I love the usefulness of that utility cart, but we have wood floors so I’m a bit worried about the wheels scuffing. I’ll have to take a look in person to see how hard they are.


  4. I really like that crib, and you’re right….I think that’s a good place to save money. LOL, I WANT that cart too, I’ve seen all kinds of things on Pinterest about how useful it can be. Looks like the nursery is really coming along nicely. Looking forward to seeing the dresser!


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