Saturday family time

Today,  we started priming the antique dresser we are painting blue for the nursery and we put together our crib!

Nothing makes me giggle more than enjoying the new human baby items with my fur-babies.

Here’s the chihuahuas on lockdown:


I also convinced my husband to let me take them around the block in our Uppababy stroller with the bassinet on.


Don’t tell him I shared this one with you!  Hehehe 🙂


I’m currently 25 weeks, 2 days pregnant. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed these days –  especially because I’m tired and can’t get as much done. It’s like I want more time to get things done, yet I also want time to hurry up so we can meet our little man.

It’s the days like today that bring me back to the present moment to enjoy where we are at right now. ❤


21 thoughts on “Saturday family time

  1. Bahaha, I totally put one of my dogs in the stroller when we first got it too, buckles and all! He was so cooperative, poor little fella. He also got to try out the crib first. Mostly I just want him to get used to these items because he isn’t great with kids so need him to acclimate!

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  2. Bahahahha I love that you pushed them around in the stroller. Haha and I am amazed he went with you AND pushed it! If we had small dogs I would totally do that but I highly doubt my husband would come with me and I know he wouldn’t push it! Good for him! P.S: you’re neighbours are probably gossiping about how you must have had the baby already since they saw you with a stroller LOl


  3. Those photos are awesome! Your chi’s are the cutest. Very exciting about the crib being in progress. And that Uppababy Vista looks comfy! A lot of moms I know are getting the Uppababy Vista too, but we look at the price tag with shock. I need to know- what is so special about it?


    • We went in looking at the City Select and the Uppababy. We just liked the feel of the Uppababy better. It folds so easily, drives smoothly. For us, I think it was more personal preference. We also tried the Bob’s but they were too rugged for us. If you are spending the money on a high quality stroller I say go with the model that works best for you.

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      • Cool, thanks for your input. We like the City Select as our top pick right now. We haven’t tried out the Uppababy, but like I said, so many friends are getting it, so I figure there must be something about it that the others don’t have. We might be gifted a second hand Bob, which also causes us a bit of hesitation in buying a stroller right now.


  4. Hahahaha!! Love it. We have a German Shepherd so I am sad that I can’t get any photos of him in baby gear. BUT I am totally obsessed with getting a pic of him standing on his hind legs, with paws on crib, looking at baby inside. It will happen…


  5. We have the uppa baby stroller and Mesa car seat and love both! The stroller rides so nice! I also read you bought the halo bassinet – we have that model as well and it has been great…especially after my c-section. Both are awesome! Congrats on the big baby buys!


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  7. Absolutely adorable!!! That’s hilarious!!! I bet it feels good getting things set up. Love that stroller, it’s adorable! Love the crib too, can’t wait to see the entire nursery put together 🙂 🙂


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