Baby Buys: Part 3

Whew. Crossing this one off the list was a HUGE relief.

The car seat.

Essential, yet when it came down to making a decision, I felt so stuck!

Since we purchased the 2015 UppaBaby Vista, our car seat compatibility options were:

  • Graco Classic Connect Snugride
  • Chicco Keyfit and KeyFit 30
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico and Mico NXT
  • Peg Perego Primo Viaggio and Primo Viaggio SIP

I know in the US there are many more options including the Uppababy Mesa, but we are more limited in Canada.

The quality of Graco models varies greatly. We like the weight of them, but found they didn’t offer much padding for support. The Maxi-Cosi is super light-weight, but we felt the handle was awkward to adjust and the canopy sucked. We also didn’t like how wobbley it felt on the stroller with the available adapters.  The Peg Perego is the Cadillac of car seats, but it was beyond our budget.

In the end, we chose the Chicco Keyfit 30 in Techna which is on sale at Babies R Us for $219.97 (regular price $289.99).

I ordered it online this morning and paid only $2.93 in shipping due to a 10 off shipping promo. $2.93 is worth me not having to drive down to the store and deal with sales people. 🙂


We chose the Chicco Keyfit for the following reasons:

  • It fits babies from 4-30 lbs or 30” long
  • It was highly rated as #2 on Lucie’s List and received an A in the Baby Bargain’s book
  • It was highly recommended by two IVF friends of mine
  • Although it’s not the lightest car seat out there, it’s packed with many ease-of-use and safety features
  • It was on sale!
  • The Uppababy adapter was easy to find

I ordered the Uppababy stroller adapter from The Safety Superstore.  I had never heard of this store before, but they have a storefront location in Oakville, Ontario. The car seat adapter was only $52.95 (with free shipping) when it’s comparably $75 at other baby stores. (And yes, I triple checked to make sure it was the 2015 model).


Now, we are set: baby has wheels and baby can ride in vehicles.

Stay tuned for nursery updates! We are assembling the crib tomorrow!


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19 thoughts on “Baby Buys: Part 3

  1. Love our Chicco keyfit 30! A heads up about size though, Darwin outgrew it by 21 lbs and 28 inches long based on distance from the top of her head to the top of the seat. Still totally worth it, but we had to buy a larger seat sooner than expected.


  2. Soooo awesome!! It really is all coming together. I feel like having the car seat is a big milestone. It’s making space for baby not just in your heart and home, but also in your routine!


  3. We got the Chicco for the twins. I love them except how heavy they are. They are so easy to use, we didn’t even buy two more car seat bases since they were so easy to put in. Can’t wait to see the nursery!


    • I used a sticky note to flag the items we were interested in or considering – even if we had multiple for one category. Made it easy to flip back and reread if we saw a sale or wanted to reconsider. R


  4. Nice! We considered it too but ultimately I wanted something a lot lighter because I’m having a planned c-section and I want to be mobile with the baby asap and not worry about an extra 8-9 lbs being lifted. If it wasn’t for that I’d have probably gone for it. 🙂 I wish we could get the Cybex Aton here, those seats are way nicer than what we can get in Canada.


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