22 week bumpdate

How Far Along: 22 weeks and 5 days

Meds: All taken daily – prenatal vitamin, Omega 3 + DHA, Vitamin D, Ranitidine (2x/day), Magnesium (250g at bedtime as per my chiro’s recommendation), Gaviscon for heartburn as required.

Baby is the size of: a cob of corn or a eggplant

Best Moments This Week: 

  • My husband’s great Aunt approached me at a family reunion this weekend. She told me she was so happy to hear we were pregnant. My mother-in-law had told her about our troubles, so she had been sprinkling holy water and praying for us every night (She’s Catholic). I was so shocked that this woman even knew who I was! It brought tears to me eyes to know that she held us so closely in her thoughts. ❤
  • My husband’s “man nesting”. He’s accomplished quite a few things off our “to-do before baby comes” list.

Total Weight Gain: approx 7.6 lbs total.

Maternity Clothes: Bella bands + regular pants, maternity shorts and sweats, maxi skirts, maternity tank tops, regular sweaters = a real mix of the two

I bought a 2nd Bella Band – I found after a few wears it stretches out until you wash it. A 2nd one will tie me over between loads of laundry.

I also bought a tankini top. THIS WAS NOT EASY! I have gigantic ta-tas. There was no hope of fitting into the cups at any of our local maternity stores. They never seem to stock many larger sizes. I ended up going into Addition Elle and buying this ruched tankini top in a 2x. Pre-pregnancy, I usually wear a large or extra-large. I need the 2x to fit my pregnancy boobs. It gave me enough length that I hope it will last til the end of this pregnancy. I plan on wearing my regular bottoms tucked underneath my bump for now.


  • Heartburn on and off, but it’s improving!
  • Had my first leg cramp wake me in the middle of the night.
  • Sore hips on and off
  • Extra juicy down below

Sleep: As much as I’m sleeping fairly well, I am getting up to pee 2+ times a night. I also let myself get overtired this past week which is so much harder to recover from when you are pregnant. I slept for over 10 hours on Sunday night and was still exhausted on Monday. I’m really learning that I can’t push myself or do as much as I used to in one day. Momma needs to come first.

Food Cravings: Ice cream, fruit, salad, Lays sour cream and onion potato chips – a quality mix of good and bad food.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  I still have a bit of that gag reflex, but most of my sickness comes from acid reflux in the morning. I only puked twice last week. 🙂

Movement: He’s definitely moving much more! Not much can be felt from the outside still though.

Stretch Marks: Definitely on the sides of my boobs and a few on my tummy. Nothing dark though. All fairly light.

Baby Bump: Growing and growing…


Gender: BOY

Labour Signs: Too early.

Belly Button In or Out?: Innie.

Wedding Rings on or off?: On, but I did experience two days of hand swelling due to hot weather where I could barely get them off.

Happy or Moody?: I’m content most days. Being overtired makes me emotional though.

Purchases for baby: Our stroller! (more details to come… ). Baby also received this gift from his Great Auntie:


Purchases for Momma: Nothing besides some clothes.

Miss Anything?: Cuddling – I’ve been craving intimacy lately.

Looking forward to: Putting together the nursery 🙂


17 thoughts on “22 week bumpdate

  1. Ugh, the swelling is the worst! My hands and feet have been swelling too. You’re looking great though, and your cravings aren’t so bad. I’ve been craving dill pickle and DW bought me 4 different brands of dill pickle chips lol. We finished them off in two days eek!


  2. 22 weeks is when the swelling hit for me too and the need for more closeness with Kate, wonder why that is. For whatever reason I think the cravings get stronger near and in your 3rd trimester. Mine are much more annoying now lol. PS I can’t believe you said “juicy down there” hahaha 😜


  3. Great job on the weight gain! And happy for things getting better. The boob thing has been shocking for me. They just.keep.growing! Love the pic too. So cool reading these. I wish I was as good at documenting as you are!


  4. You look great! Thanks for making me want Lay’s Sour Cream & Onion chips, though. Now I won’t rest until I get those today.

    If/When you find a nursing bra/tank, let me know where you shopped for it? I’m not in any hurry obviously, but I do think they look like a good idea and there is NO WAY I will find one at the normal maternity stores (tig ol’ bitties committee, unite!). I was in a 36/38 DDD pre-pregnancy and I’m in a 38/40 F now… I don’t know if nursing bras are even possible at this size?!


  5. Bravado has a great bra that saved me as I’m big busted myself. It won’t give your boobs a lift like a wired bra, but it’s comfy as hell…I got mine on amazon … Bravado Designs Essential Embrace Nursing Bra (122). It took me ages to find the right kind. You look great!


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