Baby Buys: Part 1

Here’s a list of what we have purchased for baby and why we chose each item. I will continue this series as we buy more to prepare for baby’s arrival.

When we were trying to conceive, we went ahead and bought a few items… because you know, it was supposed to be easy! In retrospect, I’m glad we got some good deals BEFORE we started paying for fertility treatments. Note: All prices listed in Canada – which is ALWAYS more expensive than US. 

1. Graco Blossom High Chair in Montego pattern

We got this on sale at Babies R Us for $199 (regular price $279). This 4-in-1 seat converts from an infant high chair to a toddler booster seat. I liked the flexibility of being able to use it as a separate high chair or as a booster seat with your own dining chairs.


2. Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with newborn napper station in Montego 

We live in a 4-level split home. My plan is to set up the pack ‘n play on our 3rd level living room where we tend to spend the most time during the winter. I can use the storage for diaper supplies and the changer instead of putting baby on the floor. The regular price is $249.99, but we also got it on sale at Babies R Us. I can’t find the receipt but my guess is somewhere in the $200 range.

gracopacknplay3. Graco Sweet Snuggle Infant Soothing Swing in Montego

I bought this swing excellent used condition. A mother had bought it for her baby, but the baby didn’t like it. We paid $120 (regular price $199 at time of purchase). I picked this swing because it matched our set, but also because it’s higher off the ground. I was worried with a lower swing (like the Mamaroo) our dogs and cat would be all up in the baby’s face. This swing does a forward or side-ways swinging motion, uses a power adapter or batteries and has a smaller base than the traditional triangle swings.


4. Taggies Soothe-Me-Softly Bouncer

I bought this bouncer on sale for $41.87 (regular price $79.99) at Babies R Us. Honestly, I bought it because I liked the colours. taggiesbouncer

5. Baby’s Journey Deluxe Pillowtop Changing Pad

I bought this on Zulily for $37.76 (regular price at Babies R Us is $49.99).  To be honest, this was an impulsive buy. I was buying a few others things and added this to the order when I saw it was on sale. Instead of a change table, I’m going to place this on top of the dresser in baby’s room.


All of these items were purchased in 2013. I won’t deny that buying items ahead of time does add some extra pressure when trying to conceive. We used to have them sitting in our nursery room, until I couldn’t bear to look at them and got my husband to pack them away in the closet.

Now, it feels good now to know we are ahead of the game! Plus, we saved about $260 by watching for sales and buying used. Bargain shoppers unite!


36 thoughts on “Baby Buys: Part 1

  1. That’s awesome that you got such great buys. I’ve contemplated starting to buy stuff for the nursery once we get into the new house or waiting… Jury is still out on that lol.


    • In retrospect, it was cost savings to buy ahead of time. BUT, it also played with the emotions. I think it makes sense to wait if you can. I was always hoping, wishing, trying to more forward but clearly, I needed a lesson in patience and waiting for the right time as well.

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  2. How do you find the Pack n Play for assembly? A couple of my friends told me it drives them absolutely bonkers so I am leaning towards the 4Moms Breeze, but it’s a good $150 more.


  3. All about the bargains!! I’ve gotten nearly everything we own for the twins on sale of very gently used. I think we’ve saved over $1000 so far doing it that way. The swing you chose I’ve never seen before, it has a unique design to it. Our mommaroo we tried out a few times with our nephew and so far the cats want nothing to do with it, but I could see your dogs wanting to join the baby lol.


  4. Well I’m glad you’re finally able to use your purchases! That must feel good. I also worry about the dogs and the baby in anything that’s not enclosed. I think we will have to spend a lot of time training them to give the baby space. Juno just loves giving babies kisses, and Clem loves cuddling, so I have to watch out for both of them for different reasons. It’s really fun choosing baby stuff when you’re not in a hurry to get’er done. It’s even better if you can get stuff on sale. What’s next on your list for purchases? We haven’t bought anything yet because we won’t have any space to store it until we’ve rearranged the rooms a bit, and we’d like to give baby shower guests a first shot at picking up things off the registry. I’m tempted though, every time I see stuff on sale….


    • This may sound bad, but I’m not expecting many substantial gifts from shower guests. My family lives all over the place so they won’t attend in person. I’ll be more likely to get smaller gifts via mail. And my husband’s extended family tends to have many guests go in on one large item or buy smaller things individually. As for the dogs, Bella LOVES babies, hates toddlers. I’m hoping if she sees our little guy grow up she will love him from the baby stage onwards. Max could care less about babies, but he loves to steal their toys! haha We haven’t had the cat around many kids yet, but he tends to just run away and hide if they are loud.

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  5. I’ll have to get some bargain hunting tips from you, as hubby is already having a mild panic attack looking at how much this stuff costs. We never even glanced at baby stuff, and I’m only just now getting over my weird anxiety about even looking at things online, so he’s got sticker shock to say the least.


    • Yes, I had a convo with my Dad last week and he had NO CLUE how much it costs these days for baby things. My recommendations would be to watch local online classifieds or for up-coming baby sales (in person, garage sale type). Often you can get excellent condition used items if you keep an eye out. I’m not sure about the States, but I know in Canada, the top baby retailers often have July and late Fall (Nov-Dec) sales. That’s when we got our Graco items.

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