Attempting to buy for baby

I’m having a prego meltdown moment.

I called the West Coast Kids Winnipeg location last week to see if they had the Franklin and Ben Liberty crib in stock. They do not. The girl tried to convince me to go with the Jenny Lind. I told her were set on the Liberty. I also said we were coming to town at the end of the month and asked if would we be able to call back and order it to pick up then. She said yes.

I called them yesterday to order the crib. All Sales Reps were busy. The lady who answered the phone took my name and said they would call me back. I received NO call back.

I called again this afternoon. I was accidentally hung up on during the call transfer from the front-desk to the Sales Rep. I called back again and got through. The Sales Rep told me there was no way they could get the crib in before 8-10 weeks. I asked for a quote to ship it directly to us and she said she couldn’t provide it immediately on this call because she needed the box measurements and weight.

She also tried to convince me again to buy the Jenny Lind. When I mentioned that we liked the Liberty style better and the fact that it converts to a toddler bed without additional cost, she tried to sell me on another model of Jenny Lind with a toddler bed option that does not come in our desired colour (white). When I opted to change colours, the grey I selected was also NOT IN STOCK.


The Franklin & Ben Liberty crib


The Jenny Lind crib (model without toddler bed conversion)

Right now, I’m pending a call back from her with the shipping quote, but my guess is I will be ordering it from LussoBaby in Vancouver instead. I’m giving West Coast 48 hours before I place my order with LussoBaby. So much for the concept of wanting to support a semi-local business (as my head office is located 2 blocks away from the Winnipeg location).

Nothing pisses me off more than poor customer service especially when I was told something completely different a week ago.

So now, instead of picking up our crib, we are heading to Winnipeg to make an IKEA trip and visit with my work colleagues. I just am not sure the trip is worth it anymore since my Ikea wish list is seriously like only $100 worth of product. My husband is convinced we should still go, but we may make it a one night trip instead of the entire weekend.

I’m just itching to get the nursey going. I’ve waited so long for this and I can’t wait to have it all put together. My goal is also to have it done before August as my husband will start harvest then and won’t have much time to help before baby comes.

I also JUST received a call back from West Coast that they ran out of the monitor I purchased on sale through their website last week and it will be 6-8 weeks before I receive it. REALLY? I’m glad I’m on top of these things and baby isn’t due to arrive tomorrow! 

Sometimes it makes me laugh how trying to be organized can actually cause more stress. 🙂


29 thoughts on “Attempting to buy for baby

  1. I hate this also! I am in Winnipeg and I find that customer service in a lot of places is just horrible. Sounds like they need to get their stuff together!


  2. When I was pregnant I wanted a specific crib from Ikea, but they stopped production on it for months because of a paint vendor change. You could only get the one I wanted from specific stores that still had some in stock, but they would only ship locally. So, of course none of the regional stores (I’m in the DC area) had any, but they had plenty in like Southern California. So we bought one from a store on the west coast, had it shipped to our friends in LA, and they shipped it across the country. By the time we paid for all the extra shipping, it sort of defeated the purpose of an ikea-priced crib, haha. Also, my son (who is, ahem, almost 20 months old) has NEVER slept in it. Not once. So that’s my cross country crib saga!


    • I contemplate an Ikea crib too! They are having major supply issues in Canada right now and their most popular models are all out of stock. I did find one used lately but I had already set my heart on this Liberty one. I may have to reconsider the used Ikea model.


  3. Have you tried or I’m told both of these ones are awesome and snugglebugz is great with returns with online purchases. (I’m a fan of Kacz Kids because I’m told in person they are really awesome with adoptive parents, whereas West Coast Kids has a bad rep. when it comes to helping people who are adopting – I’m not sure why adopting even matters, but evidently it does at West Coast Kids and I know the service I received there was less then ideal when I went in to ask some questions).


  4. That’s frustrating. Personally, I’m not a fan of the Jenny Lind and I’ve seen it all over the place. We were pretty set on an Ikea crib because we could just not find anything else that even came close… and ended up going up to Winnipeg to get it. I was kind of sad they stopped making the Blue Mammut crib because we’ve got the matching furniture and little kid’s bed, but I like our Sundvik one so far. Anyways, hope you find the crib of your dreams soon. 🙂


    • I looked at the Sundvik and it’s out of stock in Winnipeg. The Gulliver has been out since February and it seems the Sundvik has taken over as most popular and thus is also out of stock.


  5. I’d like to be prepared and well organized well before Dumplin’ comes too. Once Sept hits, I won’t have any time to get it done because of work. I’m sorry Westcoast is sucking so badly for the items that you need. I’d call and order from the Vancouver store already. Waiting this long isn’t likely going to produce good news.


  6. Horrible customer service is the worst! I probably would have given up on them already. I hope that you’re able to get the crib that you really want, and not be forced to settle for something else!


  7. What a pain in the butt! Nothing worse than having your heart set on something as special as a crib to be told you can’t have it! Such horrible customer service.


  8. First of all, my advice is to give up on WCK. Their customer service and delivery times suck. S.U.C.K. Our glider came in 5 weeks after the MT was born. And we had to pick it up at the local store as they screwed up delivery. Very helpful! I love their stuff but their service is awful and at their prices it just makes no sense. Have you looked at Restoration Hardware’s white cribs? I know they’re not local but their baby furniture is awesome. Expensive but awesome and can be used for years with conversions too. I’ve never looked at LussoBaby but if you’re sold on that one crib I would save yourself the grief and just shop where service is a priority.



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