To pee or not to pee?

You may have caught on that I’ve been experiencing some urinary incontinance issues. Over the past year or so, the following situations have caused my pelvic floor to weaken:

  1. Persistent and excessive vomitting from 7 weeks pregnant to 18 weeks pregnant, plus the occasional vomit since then
  2. Being on pelvic rest for almost 20 weeks over the span of 2 pregnancies and 1 surgery recovery
  3. Lack of sexual intercourse (because come on – puking doesn’t make me want it and isn’t really a huge turn on for him either)

I basically started peeing myself during my major puking episodes. The excessive force of continuous heaving left my pelvic floor wide open for my bladder to empty itself. I do fairly well with coughing or sneezing standing up, but if I’m sitting down, it’s all over. This clearly is an inconvienance if I’m working, driving, or doing any other laid back activity. I’ve started wearing liners when I go out just so that I don’t end up with wet pants.

Today, I had my first apppointment with a Physio Therapist who specializes in Women’s Health.

I left with a variety of kegel exercises to do, pelvic releasing stretches, direction on how to roll over, sit up and get out of bed, and strict instructions for how to sleep. If I’m on my side, I can’t let my upper leg/hip roll foward over the bottom leg/hip to avoid putting stress on my pelvis, hips and glutes.

I’m hoping after a few sessions with her, I will notice an improvement and avoid any future issues that may affect this pregnancy or thereafter.

Wish me luck!


26 thoughts on “To pee or not to pee?

    • Yes I started looking into it after a few episodes. Took me a few weeks to get in but I’m glad I am… I forgot to mention : our province doesn’t cover women’s health physio…. Really now? Another women’s health related item off the list.


  1. My mom has been on me about keeping those muscles strong since the very beginning of this pregnancy. She had to have a catheter for 4 months after I was born and EVERY TIME I use the restroom when we’re together, I get a speech. LOL I really hope the exercises help!


  2. This is really common so you are not alone. FYI, for most it gets worse and comes on sooner in subsequent term pregnancies. That said, it can also depend on where baby is situated. From early days the MT was *on* my bladder. It sucked. This time despite doing the damned exercises my muscles and ligaments etc are that much older and “used” and the dribbling came on way earlier even though baby A was transverse for what seemed like forever and thus not on my bladder. Now that head or shoulders are on my bladder,liners are a must and sneezing or coughing in any position is a lost cause. I hope it gets better after delivery but if not I may follow your lead in checking out physio. I hope that it helps and you also just feel stronger for delivery with your wee fellow.


  3. Ooh good luck! I’ve had quite a fee accidents since becoming pregnant and it’s NOT fun. It’s quite embarrassing and inconvenient! Thanks for the reminder to do my exercises down there 🙂 XO Looking forward to your post about what she’s having you do!


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