Conscious Conception Summit

I always like to share events, talks, webinars – anything that may be useful to the community. I think there is power in the concept of social sharing and I know with our busy lives, not everyone can follow everything online.

Today, The Conscious Conception Summit: Bridging Science, Spirit and the Art of a Fertile Life to Birth Your Divine Potential” is beginning. This summit is totally virtual and FREE to attend!

This conference includes an amazing line-up of speakers including many I’ve referenced before: Zahra Hadji, Heidi Brockmyre, Molly Nichols, Alissa Vitti…

The summit explores scientific and spiritual aspects of conceiving to help you discover and clear any possible hidden fertility blocks you may be holding on to.

You’ll discover:  
  • How to begin seeing the magic inside your journey as more than baby making but as a spiritual path as well
  • How and why conscious conception makes you a better parent and contributes to the creation of a “super child”
  • The Science of Healing
  • Powerful Meditation Practices to support you on your fertility journey.
  • Why we must reach beyond the quality of our eggs and into the quality of our life
  •  That conception should be (and can be) aligned and effortless, not from force or struggle
  • And so much more…

If this interests you, register today!

I won’t be attending as my schedule is jam packed this week, but I’d love to hear what you learn if you do listen in.


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