Remembering our Emme

Today is my daughter’s due date: May 24, 2015.


We lost her on October 7, 2014 due to an ectopic pregnancy.


I’m now 19.5 weeks pregnant with our rainbow, but that doesn’t mean that Emme isn’t on my mind.

This weekend was all about my own self-care:

  • I mediated and ate breakfast outside on my deck
  • I had a reiki treatment
  • I spent time outside enjoying the beautiful weather with the close friends and family who showed us unconditional support on our journey
  • I went for a manicure and pedicure
  • I finished planting my flowers and dedicated a piece of the garden to my Angel
  • I participated in a webinar with Zahra Haji to share my story of infertility, pregnancy loss and the journey into motherhood

I am in a much better mindset than I ever thought I would be today. During the months immediately following our loss, I couldn’t even fathom making it to this date, let alone being able to hold it together. Over the past 7 months, I’ve spent many hours looking deep inside myself to find strength, comfort and support.

I don’t look at our loss with despair. Today is not a day to mourn, but a day to celebrate that our daughter forever changed our lives. She will always remain in my heart.


17 thoughts on “Remembering our Emme

  1. I was thinking of you yesterday as I read through your blog posts. I’m going through my own beta hell and your blog posts were so comforting – made me feel less alone and less like a crazy person. You’ve been through so much and yet remained so calm, strong and grounded. It gives me hope. I wish you a very healthy and happy rest of your pregnancy with your rainbow baby and as you commemorate your angel baby.xx


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