I am a vessel for IVF success… and you can be too!

I worked with my fertility coach, Zahra Haji, leading up to our fresh IVF cycle, following our loss and during our FET. I learned so many new techniques to support my overall mind-body and spiritual heath. I truly believe that our work together helped me to conceive both times.

This upcoming Saturday, I will be joining Zahra in a webinar to share my success story. Even if parts of it make me feel vulnerable, I’m ready to share it. I’m ready to celebrate how far we’ve come.

In this FREE webinar, Zahra and I will talk about…

  • The most powerful strategies to let go of anxiety, worry and stress and actually feel peaceful during each phase of IVF
  • What you can do to stay in control of your mind and emotions during stimulation, retrieval, transfer and the two-week wait & receive the results you want
  • Why you need to put your trust and faith back into your body especially after a loss or failed cycles
  • How to get over your age and the statistics and take back your power from infertility
  • The top 3 reasons I believe ‘Becoming the Vessel for IVF Success’ helped me achieve a healthy pregnancy (18.5 weeks and counting!)
  • Plus you’ll learn how each of these steps can improve your chances of pregnancy by over 50% with IVF or FET

If you’d like some ideas for how to better support yourself and achieve IVF success, join us!

May 23, 2015 at 1pm ET (10 am PT) 

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