Participate in Canadian Infertility Awareness Week


It’s Canadian Infertility Awareness Week!

The Infertility Association of Canada (IAAC) has really upped their game this year to bring awareness to this cause that’s near and dear to my heart. This year’s theme is “I am 1 in 6“. Don’t let others struggle alone in silence. Help put a face to infertility.

Here’s how you can participate: 

1. Read, share and like the #1in6 Stories or any other infertility-related articles.

Check out IAAC online for inspiration:

2. Change your Facebook Profile or Cover Photo. Download the Profile photo or the Cover Photo.

2. Post your #1in6 selfie to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Download a sign to hold. Tag your photo as #1in6

4. Print off a Poster to hang at your local fertility clinic, doctor’s office or any other public location. Download it now.

2. Donate to IAAC’s Indiegogo Crowd-funding Campaign. The goal of this campaign is to raise $15,000 which will all be funnelled back in to nation-wide support groups. Funding will go towards increasing resources for your groups, including facilitator training, online resources, educational materials, etc. Donate now.

Don’t forget to encourage your friends and family to participate. The more participation we have the greater awareness we can create.


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