Our 1st hypnobirthing class

Last night, we attended our 1st hypnobirthing class with 6 other couples. I was surprised to find out that 2 other couples also did IVF. This made me feel reassured that some of my fears/worries about birth may be understood better. I’m still curious to know if there are any other pregnancy loss couples in the class though.

Right now, I feel way too advanced. I regularly practise breathing, meditation and visualization exercises – essentially, what hypnobirthing is based on. Most of the people there were total newbies who didn’t even know what hypnotherapy is. Although this shocked me, I can appreciate the fact that they are looking into alternative birthing options.

The instructor used different terminology than what is commonly used in the energy healing and spirituality communities (i.e. use your imagination over use your 3rd eye). I get why she did this to appeal to those who may be skeptic or unfamiliar, but it was weird for me. My husband seemed to really resonate with her approach. I’m glad that this course is showing my husband what I’m into in a less “woo-woo” environment. 🙂

The first class was super basic. We covered what hypnobirthing is, the history of birth and why our culture focuses on pain/fear. We also did one breathing and one visualization exercise. The night ended with watching some videos of women giving birth using the techniques taught in the class. My husband didn’t cringe at the sight of a baby exiting the vagina, so that has got to be a good thing!

Overall, I’m looking forward to seeing what we learn and take away with us over the next 6 weeks. I’m especially interested to see how this class affects my husband. I hired a doula as I know he can be high-strung and/or shut down during stressful situations. I hope that he embraces the techniques offered to him and surprises me during our birth. I already know this will happen though as he continuously surprises me with his strength and support on this journey.


9 thoughts on “Our 1st hypnobirthing class

  1. I’m totally looking into hypno birthing this time around! We had a doula with our first and it was the best money spent. DW was able to focus on making me comfortable rather than stressing about what the doctors & nurses were telling us, and she could go take breaks when she needed to without feeling guilty. I appreciated having someone who knew what to expect with everything and who could translate everything for us into layman’s terms, as well as provide various pain relief and labour progressing suggestions /options. I’m hiring her again!


  2. I’m glad you’re writing about your hypnobirthing class (and hope you also write about subsequent ones). I’m glad your husband was able to get into it, as it gives me hope with my wife, who is skeptical of all mind-body concepts.


  3. Your husband sounds less squeamish than a lot of people might be watching the baby’s exit! I’m fairly certain my husband would be a fainting risk (he’s told me as much). Love the idea of a doula, I want to do that route if we get there one day.


  4. I’m looking into this as well. Meditation has done me well in the past, especially the cycle we conceived the twins. I’m definitely a beginner and Kate is not a practiced and definitely more on the skeptic side, so it will be interesting. I look forward to hearing your reviews to follow.


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