The life of a travelling Momma-to-be

I often wonder how I will juggle my career and motherhood? But for now, I’m juggling my career and pregnancy.

My work obligations take me away from home for 2-4 days a month. Although 1 business trip a month doesn’t seem complicated, it has gotten harder with pregnancy.

Tips for taking business trips during pregnancy 

1. Ensure your schedule accomodates your needs: I used to get up at 3am, fly out at 5am, put in a full day at the office, followed by a supper out. The end result was exhaustion. Since becoming pregnant, I make an effort to adjust my schedule. This trip, I flew in the night before and declined supper invitations for the first two nights to ensure I had adequate rest. I’m also mindful of any timezone changes by forcing myself to go to bed at a reasonable local time.

2. Be prepared for the unexpected: The first thing I do when I get on the plane is check for a puke bag (I actually started carrying one in my purse at all times). I also pack preggie pops, Tums, water, and a snack in my carry-on. Ensuring that I have whatever I may need helps for when I suddenly may experience an on-set of nausea. I also started using panty liners to protect myself from any leakage or sudden accidents (minus the one from yesterday haha). Requesting an aisle seat on the plane also makes it easier to use the washroom.

2. Take many breaks throughout the day: Allot for dedicated break times. Fortunately, I am in control of my workshop schedule on this trip. Even when I’m not, I ensure that I recognize my body’s needs. Letting myself get hungry will result in nausea. If I need a snack, I have one. If I need to go to the washroom, I go. Today in particular, my hips were sore. I stood up and stretched when I needed to (yes my workplace is a more casual culture, so this was regarded as OK).

3. Prep your meals if possible: It’s a well-known fact that it’s harder to eat healthy on the road (although it is MUCH easier these days). Since snacking is always difficult, I pack granola bars, apples and nuts in my bag from home to bring to the office with me. I will also pick up fruit cups, muffins and water from the store within my hotel. If you aren’t sure what your options are, research them online ahead of time.

4. Pack extra clothing: When you are in the awkward stages of pregnancy belly, you never know what you will feel comfortable in. Pack an extra outfit or two to allow for options depending on how you are feeling. Ditch the heels if your feet are too sore or swollen. Also, be sure to pack extra panties as we all know pregnancy has it’s surprises. 😉

5. Be vocal with your boss about your limitations: Since informing my boss of our good news, I have been up front about my travel cutoff. I’m hoping to not travel past August 1st (approx 29-30 weeks pregnant). I will extend this to the end of the month if my doctor approves and there is a emergent need to travel. If not, I’m sticking to my original plan as I do not want to place unncessary stress on myself or the baby during my 3rd trimester.

6. Remember: your countdown to baby is on! When I feel like work is starting to stress me out, I take a deep breath and remind myself how much longer I have until baby arrives. The work will get done once I am gone, but until then, I’ll be mindful of my needs and put forth my best effort. It helps to reassure myself that I am important, but I am also capable of balancing work, life and baby at once.

If you are a jetsetting Momma-to-be, what have you done to accomodate your pregnancy? 


6 thoughts on “The life of a travelling Momma-to-be

  1. This is a great How-To post. I see themes of getting enough rest, having emergency food (and puke bags) on hand, and extra underwear. The extra underwear seems very important!

    I’m glad you plan to still travel for work and be a working mama! It’s hard, but can be done!


    • So I slept right through my alarm and woke up half an hour before my first meeting today. Clearly I was overtired even after following all of my tips! Long days of meetings wore me out. I brought a bathing suit though and spent some time relaxing in the hotel pool tonight. That was a new thing for me but I thought my prego body might appreciate the treat.

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