Finally at ease following my 16 week OB appointment

This morning, I was woken up by my husband screaming that the cat had a poopy bum and he needed help to clean him. I replied with, “I do it all the time ALONE when you aren’t home! What would you do if I wasn’t home?

My attempts to disengage from the poopfest were unsuccessful. I helped my husband wipe Oliver’s ass and cut out chunks of poop fur. He is a ragdoll kitty. Sometimes his beautiful long white fur is just a nuisance. I’m complating using my husband’s clippers to make it much shorter around the bum….

Anyway, I couldn’t help but chuckle at my husband’s unwillingness to handle the situation alone. It made me wonder what he will do when we have a poop explosion diaper. Will he also yell for me to save the day? 🙂

We had my 16 week OB appointment this morning. I really didn’t push the issue of the new receptionist. I recently found out that their old receptionist had been stealing from the doctor and from clients (by double charging, stealing credit card numbers, etc). I just felt like the poor guy probably has enough on his plate right now.

Today, baby’s heartbeat was 155 bpm. The results of our NT scan came back normal. Following my appointment, I did the second round of bloodwork for the NT screening.

As I mentioned before, I’ve been facing some fears recently. A friend of a friend recently experienced a loss at 7 months, plus we’ve had a few potentially concerning initial screening results in the blog community lately. Combining those stories with my rainbow pregnancy made me on edge. My husband is the external optimistic who continuously tells me to focus on the good and not the bad, but sometimes it’s just not that easy.

I’m already noticing the “quickening” movement of the baby. Well, this stubborn baby decided to not let me feel it for a few days. I’m already getting a bit concerned with his personality! haha  Fortunately last night while watching tv, I felt it again. I am seriously looking forward to when I can feel actual kicks. For now, there was nothing more reassuring that hearing that “whoosh, whoosh” sound this morning.

I need to take some of my own advice and re-read my tips for facing another pregnancy after pregnancy loss.

I never ended up getting an at-home doppler. I’m ok with this decision as I think it might have created more anxiety if I couldn’t find the heartbeat for a few minutes. At this stage of the game, I’m content with waiting til baby starts kicking up a storm. Besides, we only have 24 days until we get another sneak peak at our anatomy scan. ❤


29 thoughts on “Finally at ease following my 16 week OB appointment

  1. I am so glad things are going well! I With your history, it is completely understandable to be on edge. I think it is funny that your baby is already being stubborn! I guess they can start that early. Btw I still think you are having a boy 🙂


  2. I’m glad that all is well with you and your little bubs. I’m sorry that your friend lost hers at 7 months. I have a friend whose baby was a week overdue and was stillborn as well. Sadly, her story haunts me too, and I just worry all the time despite my efforts. I really need some help trying to get over my pregnancy loss baggage. It’s so hard. If you figure out some way to stay positive, please let me know. I saw nothing about nausea or vomiting in this post… Which is a good thing! I’m excited for you and your anatomy scan! I am looking forward to feeling regular kicks too!


  3. YAY, I loved the first moments of movement. But, I can totally relate when you say they come and go. It would be a few days in a row, then gone for like 3-4 days. I always got frustrated. But in no time at all will it be much more noticeable! YAY Glad things are going so well!! XO


  4. I’m so glad you got the reassurance you needed. You can bank on being hollered for when the pooh-splosions happen. The LP called me at least 98% of the time when I was home. Even now I get calls if the toddler does disgusting stuff. Men…


  5. So glad you’re feeling good! And yay for anatomy scan! Mine isn’t till 6/9 and I’m dyyyyying lol! I started feeling better at my 14w3d appointment and it’s been such a relief. Yes, things can still go wrong, but I’m not focusing on that stuff, you know.


  6. I’m glad that your appointment went well! 🙂 The cat story amuses me. I would probably be the one refusing to clean up the poop alone though. Ha ha.


  7. Hope your careful with the cat poop situation (toxemia). I’m sure you are, but it’s a good way to make home deal with it and not you. I’m glad your feeling movement now, it’s so exciting right?! Fair warning though, as you he gets more active the fear is work when he will have a quite day! When my babies are having a still day I poke and prod and do a million things until they move. The fears never stop!


  8. I have had no losses and a very easy pregnancy with Paxlet and I still had big worries and concerns about something going wrong before he was in my arms. It’s the curse of knowing too much of what can and might go wrong from reading and following other bloggers. May everything continue to go well and you feel movements more regularly soon. I borrowed a doppler the first time around and didn’t use it much. This time I just went without and knew that I couldn’t affect anything at this early stage anyway and didn’t want to stress myself out if I didn’t find the heartbeat, like you said.


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