I’m leaving on a jet plane… but I KNOW when I’ll be back again!

Baby + me are taking a trip this weekend.

Shockingly, my sister reach out to me soon after she received my gift. We’ve been chatting back and forth since then.

She’s shared lots of stories with me about her pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood. We’ve never really had an opportunity to bond like this – especially since I’m the older sister and was typically “doing everything first”.

I am still protective of my heart and aware of the limitations of our relationship, but it’s nice to feel connected again.

During one of our calls, my sister invited me to come visit her while my Mom is there. My husband agreed that this would be a good opportunity for me to see my sister (as it’s been 1 year), see my Mom (as it’s almost been 2 years) and meet my nephew. I probably won’t get another opportunity to visit before the baby comes. So, I used my Aeroplan points and booked myself a trip.

Tomorrow, I fly out to Alberta for the weekend. I am really excited to meet my adorable nephew. I’m also beyond excited to see my Mom. I am anticipating being an emotional mess in the airport – thanks to pregnancy hormones combined with my uber sensitive heart.

My goal is to relax and enjoy myself. If things go array, I will take a deep breath and remind myself that I’m flying back home first thing Monday morning. Sometimes short trips are the best as my family can be dysfunctional and chaotic. 

Wish me luck and no up chucks on the plane! 🙂


14 thoughts on “I’m leaving on a jet plane… but I KNOW when I’ll be back again!

  1. I imagine part of you is scared as you’ve been hurt in the past, but I think you are right that now is a good time to visit and meet your nephew. I am so impressed with your courage and strength!
    I hope you have a wonderfully uneventful plane ride, and a wonderful weekend.


  2. I tend to book short trips back home too, due to my family’s tendency for drama. I hope your visit is a positive one, and that you get in some meaningful time with your family. And when things go a wry, do your best to let it roll off you. It’s not worth the stress.


  3. I hope your flights go well, and that the only events of the weekend are good ones!! I’m amazed that your sister reached out to you, but glad that she did. Hopefully you have only good things to report to us when you get home lol!


  4. Short trips are nearly always what makes a good family get together. This must be very nerve-racking for you since you’ve made so many efforts to guard yourself from her and your mothers dysfunction.mi hope this is a good trip and you come home refreshed and feeling loved!


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