Sweet, sweet relief!

I woke up this morning with NO NAUSEA!

I have a new friend. His name is Zofran.

When I told my OB that Diclectin wasn’t working, he said, “No messing around. I’m giving you the good stuff“.

So far, I’ve only taken one pill before bed. My OB said I could take up to 3 pills a day. I’m going to try to play with my dosage to get myself on the least amount with the most amount of relief.

It’s crazy how much prego nausea/sickness affects you. Most mornings, I dreaded getting out of bed as that’s when the nausea would hit. I’d struggle to get ready for work, attempt to eat something without puking (which recently was a daily fail) and prepare my package of anti-nausea remedies to battle through the dayย (soda crackers, ginger ale, preggie pops). I carried a puke bucket with me – especially in the vehicle. Nausea was controlling my life.

This morning, I feel like myself. I ate breakfast without up-chucking it. I have a clear mind. I’m ready for the day.

My one piece of advice to other soon-to-be Momma’s experiencing horrible nausea: Don’t attempt to fight it! Allow yourself the relief. Growing a baby is hard work. When you feel constantly nauseous (because let’s get real – who really only has MORNING sickness?), it’s a major bummer. I was super grumpy. My social life has been majorly lacking. My husband was getting annoyed with my constant sickness.ย Take back your life and take the damn pill!

The rest of our OB appointment went well. I’m convinced my little one does not like ultrasounds. He did a major flip and curled into a ball when he first tried to scan me. Due to a shitty office layout, I missed seeing the whole thing, but my husband excitedly relayed what he saw to me. The doctor wasn’t concerned with last week’s bleed. I got my requisition to complete the blood portion of the NT testing and hopefully my anatomy scan will be scheduled soon. Yes, the new receptionist is doing a better job now. Kindness and patience paid off.

Tomorrow I’m 13 weeks. It’s hard to believe the first trimester is almost over. โค

28 thoughts on “Sweet, sweet relief!

  1. Yay for Zofran! I’m glad you’re feeling more like yourself today. I also keep a puke container in the car lol… Plus a pack of wet wipes and crackers. I’m glad baby is fine, and next time get the husband to videotape the ultrasound so you can see it too! Holy smokes, you’re almost in the second tri? That’s fantastic!


  2. Yes, I agree. I’m 13 weeks and really haven’t gotten over the nausea and vomiting. The meds are good, if you can figure out a routine that works for you. I’ve not really been able to figure mine out, except that diclegis is great when I take two at night, I can normally get a great night’s sleep and get through breakfast. If breakfast threatens to come back up, I take half a zofran. It’s so sporadic and sudden thought, that it’s normally like eat breakfast, brush teeth, throw up suddenly, take half a zofran and try to replace breakfast. The rest of the day is such a guessing game though. Hope this works for you. I found when I took Zofran more than once that it caused…well…the opposite of constipation (which is a common side effect).


      • Yikes, well yeah, I was horrified because this was after throwing up for 6 days straight. But then, my body’s reaction could have been due to being so dehydrated and slightly malnourished after not eating or drinking much for so long.


  3. I don’t know if I should tell you this or not, but I would feel terrible if I didn’t! Have you researched the lawsuit against the makers of Zofran? My kids’ godmother just text me the other day. They have found a link between heart defects and zofran. Apparently it is not FDA approved for pregnant women just cancer patients. She took it and her son did end up having a heart defect. Luckily, it just fixed itself. I took it and my twins didn’t have any issues. I would ask your doc about this. But I had to tell you because that’s just not something you keep to yourself.


    • Yes I did look it up. I have another friend who took it the whole way through with no issues. I also read that it’s better (less likely for defects) if you start it later like I am. My goal isn’t to stay on it forever. I’m aiming for the minimum dose possible and hope to wean myself off as soon as I can. Thanks for the heads up though. It’s always appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Sounds good! So glad you weren’t upset with me for sharing that info. You’re prob worried all the time anyway. Congrats on your sweet baby! I’m an infertility survivor! I have 4 beautiful children and can honestly say, the day you meet this sweet baby will be the best day of your life!!


  4. So happy you found something to make you feel better!! Sounds like things are going fairly well for you. Also happy that the receptionist is getting things together. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Your so close to the second trimester! Beware of Zofran in daily doses as they are starting to link it to birth defects. I did some research on it and there isn’t a lot of medical advice but I aired on the side of caution and only took it if a had to. Hope that the break in nausea gives you a good boost into your new trimester! XO


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