12 week bumpdate

How Far Along: 12 weeks and 4 days

Meds: All taken daily – Prenatal, Omega + DHA, Vitamin D 2000mg, Vitamin B12, Probiotic, Diclectin (4 pills daily)

Baby is the size of: an apricot or a plum

Best Moment This Week: Seeing our baby bounce on the screen during our 12 week ultrasound

Total Weight Gain: +5 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Still in between sizes. I’ve been living in sweat pants, leggings and maxi skirts.

Symptoms:  NAUSEA! Ughhhhhhhhh. I’m hope that I’m in that transitional “worse before it gets better” phase because the past 4 days have been horrible. I struggled with puking all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I wasn’t able to keep anything down yesterday. Easter supper does not taste as good coming back up as it did going down. I manage the nausea better if I eat more frequent, yet smaller meals. Driving = especially in my husband’s truck – does me in. I’ve started carrying a puke bowl with me.

The persistent sickness has made me not so worried about my bleed from Thursday night. I am still going to try to get in to see my OB before my scheduled appointment on Thursday if possible.

My rant of the week would be non-prego/non-infertile advice about pregnancy nausea. I really don’t want to hear “did you try this or this?” from people who have never experienced it. I also don’t like people telling me “oh well it will all be worth it in the end“. I get that. I know it will all be worth it, but it’s hard not to be grumpy when you can barely stomach soda crackers. /endrant

That being said: I welcome all advice from anyone who has experienced this before me! Rumour has it, you can increase your Diclectin dosage with Doctor permission? Is this true?

Sleep: I have more energy since stopping my progesterone. I can still sleep for 10-12 hours a night though. Still having the crazy dreams. I’ve also been using the Snoogle pillow consistently this week.

Food Cravings: Strawberries, pumpkin pie, plain chips, ice water, Mini Wheats,

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Chicken, vegetables, brushing my teeth, driving,

Movement: Too early.

Stretch Marks: Nothing new.

Baby Bump: Still barely there but continuously getting harder.  

Gender Prediction: BOY!

Labour Signs: Too early.

Belly Button In or Out?: Innie to start!

Wedding Rings on or off?: On.

Happy or Moody?: Moody. Being sick does not equal a happy Lindsey.

Purchases for baby: Nothing this week.

Miss Anything?: Enjoying a meal, cuddling (as the Snoogle gets in the way)

Looking forward to: My doctor’s appointment on Thursday and whenever this dreaded nausea subsides!


39 thoughts on “12 week bumpdate

  1. I hope your nausea settles down as it sounds just miserable. I also hope you are able to get into your OB sooner rather then later as I’m sure it would be nice to have some OB reassurance regarding last Thursdays bleeding.


  2. It sounds like you are doing everything right for the nausea. I know it sucks and you feel like crap but it won’t last forever. I was so miserable the first 12 weeks and then slightly sick the next 8 but it really was just a drop in the hat now that he’s here. It’s hard, it’s okay to be miserable. I promise it does get better.


  3. Bleh, sorry you’re feeling so crappy, I hope it starts to ease soon. Honestly, now that I am into the second tri, I barely feel pregnant sometimes. Stark contrast from the beginning, there is light at the end of the tunnel!


  4. Unfortunately I know a couple of girls who maxed out on the Diclectin (yes, you can go up from the dosage the pharmacy gives you) and they told me it made no difference. Have you thought about asking for Zofran? Some women swear by it but I think it might be pricey.


  5. Did you notice your morning sickness getting worse after going off your progesterone? I have started weaning off my Endometrin, and noticed that my morning sickness ramped up at around the same time. Yes, I believe you can increase your dose of Diclectin, but I’ve heard that if it doesn’t work at the four pills/day dose, increasing might not do the trick. Lots of women for whom Diclectin didn’t work at all swear by Zofran. I seem to be encountering lots of people in my life who claim that they didn’t have morning sickness at all during their pregnancies. While I’m so grateful to be pregnant at all, I’m shocked by this, because ours (and other bloggers) pregnancy sickness seems to be kicking us in the ass! Congrats on 12 weeks! It must be such a relief to almost be in the second trimester! PS- thanks for recommending the pregnancy after infertility workshop. I enjoyed the presentation, and the presenter has such a soothing voice!


  6. I was an infertile and had severe pregnancy nausea.

    Not sure what the deal is in your country, but there will be more drugs to try. Ask your OB. I was assured I could be medicated back to feeling normal.

    What worked for me was two drugs together, in UK called cyclizine and metaclopromide.


    • FYI Cyclizine is an antihistamine and metaclopromide is an antiemetic used for heartburn, GERD, nausea caused by slowed digestion. The former is available in Canada but I’m not sure about the latter. Diclectin is an antihistamine and Vita B6 mix so if it’s not working I doubt Cyclizine on its own will. Something for GERD and nausea might hold more promise. I react to anaesthetic and get a strong anti nausea drug in my IV when being out under general but I can’t for the life of me recall the drug’s name right now. I would ask about stronger anti nausea drugs. Or steroids if you are getting super dehydrated and can’t keep down fluids.


  7. Driving killed me! Try PreggoPops that you’ll get in babies r us … They work a treat! The green ones are THE most sour things you’ll EVER have but even now if I feel vom’worthy in the car one of these and I’m fixed again 😊


  8. Diclectin never helped my sickness but just knocked me on my ass. Prednisone obliterated nausea for me this pregnancy but I would not recommend that if it is not needed. If this level of puking keeps up and you’re getting dehydrated I would suggest asking about prednisone. I don’t advocate self medicating generally but can send you some in case or if you end up needing it. Sorry you’ve been feeling so wretched, friend.


  9. By the way I was sick until 22 or 23 weeks with the MT. This pgy I was still on high pred until 25-26 weeks and promptly got nausea daily as soon as I wasn’t but not nearly as bad as in the first 20 weeks in the only other pgy that made it this far. Now it is mild but still not gone and I’m about to hit 28 weeks. 😦 I hope yours ends much sooner… As in very soon!!


  10. 12 weeks already?! Time sure does fly! Well, for me it’s flying–for you it probably feels like an eternity. As per nausea, all I can offer is that I took Zofran through my entire pregnancy, all the way up to delivery, and my baby had no ill effects. Also, the nausea ended the moment she was born so if you’re 12 weeks then that means you’ll be home-free in 30 weeks, max 😉 Also a plus–nausea kept me from gaining much weight. XOXO


    • I’m thinking Zofran is the way to go. You are the second person who’s told me once baby arrives the nausea is MIA. I feel like I’ve already gained weight though because of my new-found carb addiction. Hopefully I can ease back into my healthy eating habits once the nausea subsides.

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  11. Sounds all too familiar love. I’m sorry your nausea is ramping up and I hope it truly it the storm before the rainbow!i hope you can see your OB asap too just for some sound piece of mind. Fuck everyone and their dumbass opinions and advice, got what is wrong with people?!


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