9 week bumpdate

I feel like I’ve been a really shitty blogger lately. I’m lucky if I post 2-3 updates a week. My goal for the 2nd trimester (when supposedly people get more energy) is to post more regularly again. I struggle because I usually write at night, but nights are reserved for sleeping now. Will have to switch up my routine and find a new schedule that works with my pregnancy. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me and is still following. 🙂

How Far Along: 9 weeks and 6 days

Meds: All taken daily – Prenatal, Omega + DHA, Vitamin D 2000mg, Vitamin B12, Probiotic, Estrace 400 mg, Prometrium 200mg, PIO 1ml, Anti-Nausea pill (1-3 daily)

The countdown is on: only 6 more days of ass shots! My clinic agreed to let me stop them 2 days early as I’m heading on a business trip. I have 8 more days of Estrace and Prometrium.

Baby is the size of: a wild strawberry or a grape!

Best Moment This Week: My godson’s baptism. I know this is totally unrelated to my pregnancy, but it was a fabulous day.

Total Weight Gain: Approximately 4 lbs. The carbs are killing meeeeeeeee. I’ve been making an effort to eat healthier this week.

Maternity Clothes: I’ve been wearing lots of leggings these days. I’ve also determined have the WORST body for maternity clothes. I attempted to wear a pair of maternity jeans last week. They are super low rise compared to what I’m use it. I also am VERY short-waisted,  so they seem to sit funny on me. They kept falling down and weren’t overly comfortable. I barely have any baby bump to keep them up. I hope I grow into them or else I’ll be wearing maxi skirts all summer.

Stretch Marks: Nothing new.

Sleep: The same as last week: Lots of crazy dreams, peeing at least once a night.

Symptoms: Tired, sore nipples (the boob soreness has subsided a bit), NAUSEA! My sickness is still persistent in the mornings and in the evenings. I’m learning to manage it better now with more frequent and smaller meals. I don’t get out of bed until I’ve eaten a few crackers. I’ve also noticed a tiny bit of brown tinged discharge occasionally. It’s happened maybe 2-3 times. I’m not letting this one freak me out!

Food Cravings: Carbs. Just carbs. And fruit. (same as last week) Boston cream donuts from Tim Horton’s  – that one was random.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  I couldn’t finish my chicken one night. Usually chicken doesn’t bother me though.

Movement: Too early.

Baby Bump: Barely there but continuously getting harder.

Gender Prediction: BOY! Although… I dreamed I was buying baby girl stuff last night?!??!????

Labour Signs: Too early.

Belly Button In or Out?: Innie to start!

Wedding Rings on or off?: On.

Happy or Moody?: Happy some days, tired and moody others. Getting enough sleep definitely helps the mood.

Purchases for baby: Nothing this week! Shocking – I know! 

Miss Anything?: Having energy.

Looking forward to: Our 12 week ultrasound. Date still to be determined. My OB got a new receptionist. I just called to remind her to schedule it.

Battling the first trimester nausea

It still feels surreal that I’m 9 weeks, 1 day pregnant. I’m not sure when everything will sink in deeper. Perhaps once I’m out of the first trimester and feeling better?

I’ve been feeling shitty, really shitty.

I just want to scream at the top of my lungs: “Seriously?!!?! This is what the first trimester is about?!?!

After all we’ve been through, anyone who did fertility treatments or struggled with loss should get a free pass for a smooth and sick-free first trimester. As women, we truly go through a lot to bring our children into this world.

I have mad respect for any woman who is pregnant while raising other children, or pregnant as a teacher, or a nurse, or any other job that requires activity throughout the day. These women have stamina like no other. To the women who are dealing with the severe sickness known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum: you deserve the Ultimate Mother Award.

I just work my office job and go home exhausted every night.

I wake up nauseous. I stay nauseous. I go to sleep nauseous.

I dry heave, but I’ve only puked twice. That ain’t so bad.

I’m also damn stubborn, so I refuse to take Diclectin. I bought the Platinum Prenatal Anti-Nausea pills. They are just ginger + B6. So far, they seem to be helping. I’ve also been taking iron supplements and trying to get more protein in my diet which seems to giving me more energy during the day.

I’ve learned the first trimester is about finding a groove that works for you. Mine seems to be living off carbs, preggie pops, peppermint tea and ginger ale with an 8-9pm bedtime and an afternoon nap if I can swing it. 🙂

We had an OB appointment yesterday. He did a happy dance and sang a little song when he realized we were 9 weeks along. Seriously, his personality is why I enjoy seeing this guy. My husband and I get such a kick out of him.

I am so grateful to be 9 weeks pregnant. Each day we progress is an accomplishment. And deep down, as much as I hate being sick, I appreciate knowing that my little man is growing. Crazy (in)fertiles always look for validation! Haha

Do you have any other tips to combat the nausea? I’m doing the crackers in the morning, but they only hold me off for a bit.

Pregnant vomit

8 week bumpdate

How Far Along: 8 weeks and 5 days

Meds: All taken daily – Prenatal, Omega + DHA, Folic Acid 1 mg, Vitamin D 2000mg, Vitamin B12, Probiotic, Estrace 400 mg, Prometrium 200mg, PIO 1ml.

The countdown is on: only 16 more days of ass shots! I need to confirm with the clinic if I can stop my PIO 2 days earlier as I’ll be on a business trip. My RE said it should be fine if I run out a few days early, but I just need that extra validation.

Baby is the size of: a pecan

Best Moment This Week: Watching my bump continue to grow. Putting our ultrasound pic in the “Coming soon” frame.

Total Weight Gain: I haven’t weighed myself since early into the 8 weeks, but I was up 2 lbs – probably due to all the carbs. :/

Maternity Clothes: Pants are snug on really bloated days, but I’m still wearing regular (or I should say my fat day) pants. I bought 3 pairs of jeans at Thyme Maternity. I ended up finding one “on-sale” pair and 2 pairs off the sale rack. One pair cost me only $13!. I love a good deal if you haven’t caught on.

Stretch Marks: Nothing new.

Sleep: Lots of crazy dreams. Peeing at least once a night. Missing my weekend naps really knocked me out on Monday.

Symptoms: Tired, sore boobs, NAUSEA! The nausea is fairly consistent now. It’s the worst first thing in the morning and late afternoon. I’m trying to eat smaller meals throughout the day. My friend recommended this all natural organic Ginger ale. It’s amazing! Also, a big thanks to Alicia at ladyloveandbabydust for the prego pops. They saved me on a few drives to work last week. 🙂

Food Cravings: Carbs. Just carbs. And fruit. (same as last week) And KD + hot dogs.. My best friend and I have a theory that you crave foods you ate as a kid when you are pregnant. Has anyone else noticed this?

A big thanks to everyone for the cheese info. I ended up getting my chicken + apple + brie sandwich from Earls.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing new

Movement: Too early.

Baby Bump: Barely there. I will start taking photos soon! I just feel like it’s hard to distinguish between my chubby tummy and the actual bump.

Gender Prediction: BOY!

Labour Signs: Too early.

Belly Button In or Out?: Innie to start!

Wedding Rings on or off?: On.

Happy or Moody?: Tired and moody. I’ve had a few meltdowns on my husband the past two nights. I just need to put myself first and stop fighting the urge to nap. I also need to ensure I get a nap in on the weekends. We had a busy schedule this weekend and I felt it.

Purchases for baby: I went into Carters to look for a gift for my nephew and ended up buying boys 0-3 months winter clothes on sale for up to 75% off. I only spent $20 and got 6 items.

Miss Anything?: Sleeping through the night. Staying up late.

Looking forward to: Our OB appointment at 9 weeks on Thursday.

Facing another pregnancy after pregnancy loss

Surviving. Thriving. Doing what it takes to move forward each day. Here are my tips for how to face another pregnancy after a loss:

Ditch the symptom spotting and pregnancy comparing

Symptom spotting is the biggest cycle of chaos you can fall into. Symptoms can change on a daily, even hourly basis. Don’t waste your days dwelling on every twitch, itch, and pain. Comparing your pregnancies is useless. It will do nothing but create anxiety. These are two separate pregnancies, two separate babies, two completely different experiences.

Embrace this experience. Allow yourself to acknowledge the differences, but don’t let them overwhelm you. Recognize and release.

Tame the fear

The biggest battle a mother has to face during pregnancy after loss is fear. Get the biggest stick imaginable and beat that fear out of your mind, out of your house, out of your city, out of this universe! Understand that it will probably creep back in, but know that you have the power, the strength and the tools to tame the fear if it returns.

Follow your intuition

I believe in a mother’s intuition. I believe in a woman’s intuition. You ultimately know your mind and body better than anyone else. If your gut tells you something is wrong, follow through with it. Make that doctor’s appointment. Go to the ER. Be an advocate for yourself and your baby.

Even if you just need this one extra appointment to help fight back the fear, that’s ok. Loosing your previous pregnancy was traumatic. Sometimes just hearing that OB say, “everything is fine”, is enough to calm your nerves and bring back the hope. Be mindful that you only have a few “special treatment” passes to use. Ensure it’s intuition you are going on and not fear.

Develop a self-care practice

During pregnancy, you need to focus on total mind-body health. Maintaining a healthy physical, mental and emotional state will help you face each day with a more positive outlook. Recognize what helps to bring you back to a place of calmness a midst the chaos of the unknown. Take the time you need to safely return to yourself.

Don’t let everything pregnancy overwhelm you. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Whether that’s meditation, yoga, or a quick walk in the park, set aside some daily time to reconnect.

Trust and believe

Acknowledge all of the positives of this pregnancy. Set small milestones. Celebrate each time you reach one.

Let your guard down and connect with your child. Place a hand over your belly and another over your heart. Take 3 deep breaths. Imagine sending love from your heart to your womb. Let your baby know how welcome, how wanted, how loved it already is.

Relax. Trust. Believe.

You are a mother. Your baby is on their way to you now.

Introducing our gummy bear!

Today was our official ultrasound (even though we’ve had 2 sneak peaks at the OB office). Here is our little baby:



He (I’m going with he until I am proven wrong) is measuring bang on at 7 weeks, 6 days with a heartbeat of 168 bpm.

I had an external tummy ultrasound first, then we switched to the lovely dildocam for a closer look. We didn’t get to hear the heartbeat yet. This ultrasound clinic says they don’t do it that early. Perhaps we will get to hear at our next OB appointment at 9 weeks? The heartbeat flicker was strong and fast. It’s really quite fascinating to see.

We are beyond happy and blessed to be growing one healthy and very much loved baby.

7 week bumpdate

How Far Along: 7 weeks and 5 days

Meds: All taken daily – Prenatal, Omega + DHA, Folic Acid 1 mg, Vitamin D 2000mg, Vitamin B12, Probiotic, Estrace 400 mg, Prometrium 200mg, PIO 1ml.

The countdown is on: only 23 more days of ass shots!

Baby is the size of: a blueberry

Best Moment This Week: Passing our loss milestone of 7 weeks, 1 day. Finding out that baby has a heartbeat.

Total Weight Gain: Not sure?

Maternity Clothes: Like last week, on really bloated days my pants seem snug. I’ve been living in tights as much as possible. I snagged a pair of maternity comfy pants at Value Village for $5! I was surprised they even had a maternity section.

Stretch Marks: Nothing new.

Sleep: I’m still super tired in the evenings. We had a few late nights (11pm) this weekend and I paid for it the next day. Weekend naps are key. I’m a stomach sleeper. I’ve been trying to sleep with my snoogle to stay on my left side. This is proving to kinda work. I still toss and turn a bit. I’ve also been having cr-aaaaa-zy dreams lately.

Symptoms: Tired, sore boobs, slightly nauseous. I’ve had a few dry heaving moments in the morning. Not letting myself get hungry curbs the nausea. For some odd reason, Monday seems to be the worst day for symptoms. I was the most nauseous yesterday and the Monday before.

Food Cravings: Carbs. Just carbs. And fruit.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Eggs, seeing a man eat steak + eggs for breakfast, ground beef

Movement: Too early.

Baby Bump: Barely there.

Gender Prediction: BOY!

Labour Signs: Too early.

Belly Button In or Out?: Innie to start!

Wedding Rings on or off?: On.

Happy or Moody?: This past week, I had a few emotional moments due to family issues, but overall, I’m good.  I was anxious when I had that bleeding, but I’ve been feeling content since we went to the OB.

Purchases for baby: We bought the Boon Naked baby bath tub from Marshalls for half price! It was the purple one (discontinued colour) hence the great deal. I also found two pregnancy books at Value Village.

Miss Anything?: Hot baths, sex… + yoga. I’m hoping after tomorrow’s scan I may get cleared to start my yoga practise again. Brie cheese, particularly the Brie + Apple + Chicken sandwich from Earls.

Looking forward to: Our next ultrasound TOMORROW at 7 weeks, 6 days. 🙂