Recognizing when fear creeps back in

My business trip went well this week. The Diclectin kicked in and I thought, “Gee, I’m really starting to feel better! I should reduce my dosage…

Well, let’s just say, I don’t recommend reducing your Diclectin dosage UNLESS you are prepared for the nausea/dry heaving/puking to return. 😦

I battled through yesterday, but am happy to say I did not puke on my flight home.

I will admit that the subsiding symptoms (whether drug induced or not) were bringing up my fearful Momma vibes. My boobs were less sore, my nausea was gone… was my baby ok?

The return of the dreaded nausea has confirmed that everything is more than likely on track, but I’m feeling like I need a confidence boost.

My 12 week nuchal translucency ultrasound is scheduled for next Thursday, April 2nd (cue the WHOHOO!).

In the meantime, I’ve decided to register for Molly Nichol‘s upcoming FREE online workshop: How to Prepare Yourself for Pregnancy after Infertility.

During this event, Molly will explain how you can reduce the amount of fear and anxiety you experience once you become pregnant after infertility.

I may be a Courageous Momma growing her rainbow baby, but I know I don’t have all the answers. I hope to learn a thing or two from Molly’s upcoming session and tame that fear once again.


17 thoughts on “Recognizing when fear creeps back in

      • The NT scan was by far my absolute favorite US experience so far. I hope they make it a good experience for you! It was so cool to see an actual baby-looking thing instead of a blob. I got my favorite u/s photo at the NT scan. My anatomy scan was a totally lousy experience, so I’m really hoping that the one on the 2nd will help make up for it! The pictures from my anatomy scan are so incredibly creepy looking that I never even posted them.


  1. I am so happy to hear you are progressing. Thank you so much for sharing that link! I thought that once I got pregnant, all my of fears I developed while struggling with infertility would not go away. That has not been the case.


  2. Woohoo! A looksee appointment! YAY!

    I only took Diclectin at bedtime and once a week I’d try to stop it (or reduce to one) if I woke up as a vomit monster I was back on the magic pills for another week!

    The workshop sounds great!


  3. Isn’t it awful that the perpetual fear of something happening is always there? I’m glad you are listening to the session to help control that fear. And I’m glad of your symptoms although r they are the worst!!!


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