Appointments, insurance and other unnecessary stress for a Friday

My OB has a new receptionist. She’s only been on the job for 2 weeks, but she’s super slow to start. I’m trying to give her a break as she’s just learning. Anyway, she didn’t book my 12 week ultrasound after my appointment last Thursday at 9 weeks.

I called Wednesday to remind her. She never called me back.

I called again this morning.

She said both ultrasound clinics have no openings until my 16 week mark, but they could put me on a wait list.


I told her that was unacceptable. My Nuchal translucency ultrasound has to be done between 11 and 13 weeks, 6 days. I suggested she get me on that wait list and then talk to the OB bout WTF to do. I also suggested she go ahead and book my 20 week anatomy scan. She said she would talk about it with the OB on Monday as he’s not in the office today.

I understand she’s new, but this lady needs more confidence! It’s a well known fact that the ultrasound clinics always have extra appointment slots (or else how did I get in for IVF monitoring?). They can’t just deny someone a screening appointment – can they?

Next, I contacted my fertility clinic for a Diclectin prescription. This week has been my worst so far for nausea and puking. I couldn’t keep anything down yesterday. Since I’m on a business trip for 3 days next week, I need some relief or else I’m not going to make it!

When I went to get my prescription filled there was some mix up where the one Fertility clinic doctor wasn’t found in the system, so my insurance wouldn’t approve the claim. I waited for an hour, then ended up paying the full prescription amount (just under $200). The pharmacy is supposed to sort it out and call me back later.

Today has been a wack load of unnecessary stress for this prego.

I’m asking the Universe for some help to:

  • Get the ultrasound appointment booked on Monday with an appointment time that fits within my schedule (as I’m out of town for business 4 days over the next 3 weeks).
  • Have my insurance cover the cost of the meds and place the refund in my account early next week

Deep breath Lindsey. It will all work out. 

18 thoughts on “Appointments, insurance and other unnecessary stress for a Friday

  1. My insurance didn’t cover diclegis at all, and it was going to be over $400 a month. I used an online coupon from the drug makers website. I hope you get everything sorted! My OB’s receptionist is really good about scheduling appts, but sometimes they call me to move them which can be tricky with my work schedule and Chief’s work/school schedule. I know he has to do surgeries and stuff so his schedule has to stay somewhat fluid, but it can be really inconvenient.


  2. Worst case scenario- you see your family doctor for a requisition for a NT scan, and then you can take it to any ultrasound facility to have it done. My fertility clinic accepts requisitions from GPs, OBs, and midwives for scans up to the 20 week anatomy scan.

    I am glad you got the Diclectin, and hope they sort out the insurance issue so that you’re not paying OPP for it.


  3. How very frustrating! There is always a way to get your NT scan done, there has to be since it’s time sensitive! I like Mamaetmaman’s suggestion of calling your family doctor to try getting the ball rolling that way.


  4. It’s so frustrating when people don’t know how to do their job properly, whether new or not. I hope that everything gets sorted out for you on Monday and you can stop stressing soon!


  5. They will get you in to the NT scan, the receptionist just isn’t with it. It’s annoying to have to deal with somebody who doesn’t have the experience but I’m 100% sure you’ll get in during the timeframe you need to.

    About diclectin – my RE’s clinic gives it out for free like candy. I just got two bottles (admittedly only 12 tabs in each) from them as samples on Monday, they say it doesn’t work for a lot of people so they like to start you with samples and then can call in a prescription. So maybe you can try that? A word of warning since you may be taking it while traveling for business – I was not able to take the pills AT ALL during the day because they literally put me to sleep at work. I was incredibly drowsy, couldn’t function. So I took them only at night or during the day if I could leave the office early. Apparently if you take them during the day like you are supposed to after a week or so you will be used to it but i didn’t have that sort of luxury of time at work. I think I will ask my RE for zofran this week instead.


  6. I hate it when the people who hold the keys to the doctors are so incompetent. Makes me insane. I’m absolutely positive that they will get you in for your NT scan, though. I hope she learns the ropes quickly!


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