Sprouting Hope contest: Win $5000 towards IVF in Canada

I just came across a contest where you can enter to win $5000 towards IVF at any Canadian clinic of your choice.

Canadian Fertility Consulting is currently hosting a contest called Sprouting Hope.

The contest runs from March 19 to May 18th. The winner will be announced during the Canadian Infertility Awareness Week May 19- 28, 2015.

To enter: 

  1. Create a short YouTube or Vimeo video explaining what brought you to IVF. Include a brief description with your video and include the hashtag #CFCINFERTILITYAWARENESS
  2. Fill out the form on Facebook and add your video!
  3. Share with your friends and loved ones to get votes!

I know this contest may make some people feel vulnerable as you are putting yourself and your story out there on social media, but I do think it is a great way to bring awareness and put a face to IVF in Canada.

Let me know if you enter so I can watch your video and vote!

Good luck!



5 thoughts on “Sprouting Hope contest: Win $5000 towards IVF in Canada

  1. Lindsay, Thanks for sharing this you are right it is and was a hard decision for my husband and I to decide to join this contest.. If you would like to view our story it’s under Cindy O’Neill
    Thanks 🙂


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