9 week bumpdate

I feel like I’ve been a really shitty blogger lately. I’m lucky if I post 2-3 updates a week. My goal for the 2nd trimester (when supposedly people get more energy) is to post more regularly again. I struggle because I usually write at night, but nights are reserved for sleeping now. Will have to switch up my routine and find a new schedule that works with my pregnancy. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me and is still following. 🙂

How Far Along: 9 weeks and 6 days

Meds: All taken daily – Prenatal, Omega + DHA, Vitamin D 2000mg, Vitamin B12, Probiotic, Estrace 400 mg, Prometrium 200mg, PIO 1ml, Anti-Nausea pill (1-3 daily)

The countdown is on: only 6 more days of ass shots! My clinic agreed to let me stop them 2 days early as I’m heading on a business trip. I have 8 more days of Estrace and Prometrium.

Baby is the size of: a wild strawberry or a grape!

Best Moment This Week: My godson’s baptism. I know this is totally unrelated to my pregnancy, but it was a fabulous day.

Total Weight Gain: Approximately 4 lbs. The carbs are killing meeeeeeeee. I’ve been making an effort to eat healthier this week.

Maternity Clothes: I’ve been wearing lots of leggings these days. I’ve also determined have the WORST body for maternity clothes. I attempted to wear a pair of maternity jeans last week. They are super low rise compared to what I’m use it. I also am VERY short-waisted,  so they seem to sit funny on me. They kept falling down and weren’t overly comfortable. I barely have any baby bump to keep them up. I hope I grow into them or else I’ll be wearing maxi skirts all summer.

Stretch Marks: Nothing new.

Sleep: The same as last week: Lots of crazy dreams, peeing at least once a night.

Symptoms: Tired, sore nipples (the boob soreness has subsided a bit), NAUSEA! My sickness is still persistent in the mornings and in the evenings. I’m learning to manage it better now with more frequent and smaller meals. I don’t get out of bed until I’ve eaten a few crackers. I’ve also noticed a tiny bit of brown tinged discharge occasionally. It’s happened maybe 2-3 times. I’m not letting this one freak me out!

Food Cravings: Carbs. Just carbs. And fruit. (same as last week) Boston cream donuts from Tim Horton’s  – that one was random.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  I couldn’t finish my chicken one night. Usually chicken doesn’t bother me though.

Movement: Too early.

Baby Bump: Barely there but continuously getting harder.

Gender Prediction: BOY! Although… I dreamed I was buying baby girl stuff last night?!??!????

Labour Signs: Too early.

Belly Button In or Out?: Innie to start!

Wedding Rings on or off?: On.

Happy or Moody?: Happy some days, tired and moody others. Getting enough sleep definitely helps the mood.

Purchases for baby: Nothing this week! Shocking – I know! 

Miss Anything?: Having energy.

Looking forward to: Our 12 week ultrasound. Date still to be determined. My OB got a new receptionist. I just called to remind her to schedule it.


16 thoughts on “9 week bumpdate

  1. For the maternity pants, at your stage it helped me to wear a belly band over the band on the pants. Otherwise I was constantly tugging at them. I have several different brands of the bands, but my favorite is the kind Target sells. Congratulations on only having 6 more days of shots!!!


  2. If you think it’s hard to blog now, wait until that baby gets here! I’m lucky if I remember to do our monthly updates! As for the maternity pants, I never liked using a belly band, but I SWORE by shapewear tanks. I like the Maidenform Flexees/Fat Free Dressing tanks the best — I was able to use them most of my pregnancy. They help keep your pants up, and they offer tummy coverage so you can get more use out of your regular shirts!


  3. How are you 10 weeks already?! I can’t even believe it! I’m so glad all is well. My blogging went to poo too, so I think it’s normal 🙂 As far as that 2nd trimester energy, I’m still waiting for mine… hmph, it must have skipped me! Maxi skirts are a total win, but being short-waisted too, I have found that the low panel old navy mat. pants are the best. I still wear them because they do such a great job at staying up but give you some extra room so you aren’t uncomfortable! Congrats girl!!!! XO


  4. I had some colored discharge too around this time, but then nothing else. I hope the same for you!

    Dresses are great for summer. Just know that you’ll have your own little furnace inside of you keeping you extra warm (and sweaty). 🙂


  5. Lots of excitement! So great to see you progressing and I get excited each time I see your pregnancy posts. I’ve been terrible too and not wanting to blog or even text people lately. PS my maternity pants sit very low too and it’s still weird, they still fall down a bit too but getting better as my bump grows. You can fold the waist band down to create more of a hold. I used the Bella Band over my maternity jeans for a long time and that helped a lot. Yay for no more shots in a few days, it’s like a whole new world after that! Don’t fret on your food intake unless it’s making you feel physically ill. I seriously ate only bread, crackers, rice and fruit the first trimester and I’m still wanting more carbs now.


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