Battling the first trimester nausea

It still feels surreal that I’m 9 weeks, 1 day pregnant. I’m not sure when everything will sink in deeper. Perhaps once I’m out of the first trimester and feeling better?

I’ve been feeling shitty, really shitty.

I just want to scream at the top of my lungs: “Seriously?!!?! This is what the first trimester is about?!?!

After all we’ve been through, anyone who did fertility treatments or struggled with loss should get a free pass for a smooth and sick-free first trimester. As women, we truly go through a lot to bring our children into this world.

I have mad respect for any woman who is pregnant while raising other children, or pregnant as a teacher, or a nurse, or any other job that requires activity throughout the day. These women have stamina like no other. To the women who are dealing with the severe sickness known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum: you deserve the Ultimate Mother Award.

I just work my office job and go home exhausted every night.

I wake up nauseous. I stay nauseous. I go to sleep nauseous.

I dry heave, but I’ve only puked twice. That ain’t so bad.

I’m also damn stubborn, so I refuse to take Diclectin. I bought the Platinum Prenatal Anti-Nausea pills. They are just ginger + B6. So far, they seem to be helping. I’ve also been taking iron supplements and trying to get more protein in my diet which seems to giving me more energy during the day.

I’ve learned the first trimester is about finding a groove that works for you. Mine seems to be living off carbs, preggie pops, peppermint tea and ginger ale with an 8-9pm bedtime and an afternoon nap if I can swing it. 🙂

We had an OB appointment yesterday. He did a happy dance and sang a little song when he realized we were 9 weeks along. Seriously, his personality is why I enjoy seeing this guy. My husband and I get such a kick out of him.

I am so grateful to be 9 weeks pregnant. Each day we progress is an accomplishment. And deep down, as much as I hate being sick, I appreciate knowing that my little man is growing. Crazy (in)fertiles always look for validation! Haha

Do you have any other tips to combat the nausea? I’m doing the crackers in the morning, but they only hold me off for a bit.

Pregnant vomit


41 thoughts on “Battling the first trimester nausea

  1. SeaBand! I loved mine. 🙂
    Sorry you’ve got morning sickness so bad. I did get a pass the first time around. This second time I did have nausea, but still I managed no puking. Yeah, I’m lucky. 😀 (It also goes to show how different pregnancies can be different.)
    Hopefully you won’t have much longer to deal with the sickness. Just keep trying things and finding what works for you.


  2. I second the seaband suggestion–they definitely helped. But you know my deal–I ended up taking Zofran throughout my entire pregnancy (and often still got sick or couldn’t eat). I did *ALL the things* for nausea (preggie pops, ginger, crackers, sprite, seabands, etc.) Plus I would hunt down and eat whatever *one* food sounded good enough to attempt to eat during the short window of opportunity I might have each day. But it wasn’t enough, and I resorted to meds. And then my life improved remarkably 🙂 Good luck sweets! XOXO

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  3. I have felt like crap since less than 5.5 weeks along. My nausea is essentially constant and unrelenting. I have not dry heaved or puked, except that on a number of occasions have burped with a bit of vomit (gross, I know). It is the worst at night (hour or so before bed) and really the only reprieve I get is from about 3-8 pm. For some reason then my stomach settles down, maybe because it’s busy digesting. It is coming to the point where I will ask for something on Monday at the clinic, I am not averse to taking drugs that I believe are safe and my job is too demanding to continue basically lying on my desk for the next 7 weeks.


  4. Sea bands, loose clothing(even though the bump is little) helped. I lived in dressed. Candied ginger from trader Joe’s. Ginger and peppermint tea. I would do peanut butter crackers which seemed to help more than just plain cracker, and it sneaks on some more protein. Fresh air helped me the most. I was in my first tri during summer, and id lay out for hours bc the fresh air and warmth of the sun helped.


  5. I have no tips. My nausea was all day every day, but I never ended up throwing up. It’s hard, even in an office job. But, like you said, validation. I guess I did have a Shirley Temple kick for a few weeks, the super cold+super bubbly drink made me happy and feel a little better, at least for a minute 🙂 My tricks were driving in the far right lane whenever possible, and stealing fruit/veggie bags from the grocery store to stash in my car! Those were my, just in case tricks 🙂 XO


  6. I LOVED my preggie pop drops!! They were the only thing that took the edge off of my nauseous-but-not-puking feeling. If you dont have them in Canada, let me know and I will ship you some!!!


  7. Hard sour candies helped me a tiny little bit. Usually when I was really starting to feel lousy, I’d have one and it would kick the lousiness down a few notches. I bought the preggie pop drops early on, but honestly ANY sour lemon candy would have done the same thing. A lot of people on message boards were swearing by jolly ranchers. With my doctor’s approval, I did resort to taking half a unisom (sometimes a whole one) and half of a vitamin B6 tab at bedtime every night, and it helped some. I could usually at least eat a decent breakfast that way as long as I ate first thing when I got up. Mostly, I just ate/drank whatever I could get down–even if it was pure crap (there were a lot of plain hamburgers and chicken strips). Once week 14 or so rolled around, I was able to ease back into green things and grown up food. And if it makes you feel any better, there were a lot of first trimester weekends where I could EASILY take 3 naps a day. The exhaustion is real. It’ll ease up, though. Now I just take one nap a day on the weekends. 🙂


  8. Your OB sounds wonderful…I had one similar and it made all the difference throughout the pregnancy! For the nausea, besides all the stuff you’re trying, almonds helped me a lot. So I would walk around with a box of almonds and keep popping them in. And they were raw almonds, not the roasted or salted kind.


  9. I wish I could tell you a tip that helped me get past it, but here I am 20 weeks in and still suffering. I’ve been told it will pass, so hopefully you only have a few weeks left! Congratulations on the 9 week milestone


  10. Funny, I have a bottle of Diclectin in my medicine cabinet from last pregnancy. I was going to take it then. My morning sickness from this pregnancy is so much worse, but I’m resisting taking the Diclectin. Lol. I’m thinking of just taking B6. I know the nausea is reassuring that things are going well, but boy is it a pain in the ass! I hope it simmers down for you soon, as I hear it peaks week 8/9.


  11. So sorry you’re sick. Nothing really worked for me except B6 twice a day. With my son it lasted well into the send trimrster and occasionally returned even later. This was my first pregnancy without a lot of nausea… Until I started weaning off of Prednisone. I’ve been nauseous every day since I dropped to 15 mg and I’m 24w – what the heck? With all the other crap I’ve been through in those 24+ weeks I am grateful the high doses of steroids kept away the nausea for the most part but now that it has made its appearance daily I am empathizing with you like crazy! I do find this time that if I can eat when it first starts it takes the nausea down s notch. If I miss that narrow window, forget it. My poor son now regularly asks “are you feeling better yet mommy?” Ugh! Hang in there, I hope you’re right about a late start meaning shorter duration!


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