A new addition has arrived

I have a new nephew. My sister had her baby this morning. They named him Luca.

It’s a bittersweet moment as I haven’t spoken to my sister since the night I ended up in the hospital due to our ectopic pregnancy. There’s just too much turmoil and negativity there. I can’t fuel it.

I’ve always said my husband and I shouldn’t let our relationships with our siblings get between our relationships with our niece and nephews.

I plan to mail a gift tonight. I purchased a few outfits, shoes, rattles, and a stuffie for little Luca.

I hope this subtle form of communication will perhaps been seen as extending the olive branch. Although, I will be very hesitant and protected if my sister and I venture back into communicating with each other.

She doesn’t know that we are currently pregnant. My parents say they haven’t told her.

I have decided that our news can wait for now.

My sister deserves to be the centre of attention and enjoy the birth of her son.

Welcome to the world little one. ❤


32 thoughts on “A new addition has arrived

  1. Family relationships can be so difficult to navigate. Good on you for your approach to the relationships with the children in your life – those relationships are about you and them. And congratulations on the new nephew!


  2. The gift is a lovely gesture. Please keep your guard up, as the first trimester is full of ups & downs. Just because you feel strong enough to handle her today, doesn’t mean you will tomorrow. Postpartum hormones might mellow her or may send her over the edge. And how will she handle her son being the center of attention instead of her? No telling. ❤ *hugs* XOXO


  3. Congrats on your new nephew! I love that you don’t want your sibling relationship problems to interfere with your nieces and nephews. Hopefully the gift will open communication between you, and things start to get better.


  4. You are a good person Lindsey (I just read the post about your sister). I think you are doing the right thing by continuing to meet your sister’s negativity with kindness and grace. I hope the universe acknowledges this and brings you even more good karma.


  5. I do have to say, there’s something about a child being born mending fences. That’s what happened with my sister and I and while our relationship still has its ups and downs, you’re right to not let that affect your relationships with the kiddos! Congrats on the new arrival!


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