Beta #3 and pregnancy symptoms

The Barren Librarian – you must have sent the vibes out for me to get an earlier call today! The results are in:

Beta #3 at 15dp5dt is 709!

That is a doubling time of 35.5 hours since Beta #2 on Monday.

We are officially pregnant!

No more betas! WHOHOO! 🙂

I have my initial OB consult at 6 weeks next Wednesday, Feb 18th. One of the joys of having a previous ectopic pregnancy = you get monitored sooner. Unless the OB does a scan in-office next week, my first ultrasound is being scheduled for 7 weeks.

As for symptoms, I’m currently EXHAUSTED. I am normally a night owl, but I’ve been in bed between 8-9pm each night.

My sore boobs come and go, but my ta-tas are already getting bigger. I feel like a fem-bot with my perky nips.

I’m also constantly hungry! NOM NOM NOM Seriously, I woke up to pee (oh yeah – always peeing) at 3am and I could have sat down for a 4 course meal. I’m making an effort to increase my protein and water intake to curb the hunger.

The bloated feeling comes and goes, but I’m not even close to as big as I was after my fresh retrieval. I can’t complain about that!

I’m 5 weeks today. My nurse calculated our due date is October 15th, 2015.

Our due date is the day before my husband’s birthday! I keep telling him he’s not getting a store bought present this year. I’m growing him the best present ever! ❤

And now… I’m going home to sleep. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

34 thoughts on “Beta #3 and pregnancy symptoms

  1. Yay!! This is awesome news!! The fatigue was my strongest symptom too. So, take as many naps and snoozes as you can…your body needs the extra rest for the little munchkin it’s growing!! Congrats on the great betas, soon-to-be-mommy!


  2. Congrats. So good to hear!! Yes, get used to the fatigue and the abyss of a stomach….I swear I ate everything and did not feel full!! Eat as much as you can before that morning sickness kicks in… for me, that was around 5w-6w. Enjoy!!


  3. If you’re hungry during the night have something handy to grab (granola bars and crackers were my quick fix to get me back to sleep) if I didn’t eat during the night I’d wake up SO pukey in the morning. Bleugh 😖 and yeah your hubby’s b’day pressie will be THE best EVER! Hugs and belly rubs x


  4. Congratulations! My baby had a due date of October 13th, 2014 but had to be induced due to low amniotic fluid so therefore, he was born on 10/10/2014 naturally and boy did that hurt…no drugs, but in the end I was almost ready to get an epidural. Enjoy the next few months with the little human growing inside of you and enjoy all the naps in the world ’cause trust me once he/she is out you will be begging for sleep…lol.


  5. woohoo!!! so exciting! I remember closing my office door and taking naps on the floor when I could. I was a serious puker so whatever I could eat that stayed down, is what I ingested but if you can get protein down, good on yeah!
    Yah so exciting!!


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